A Perfect Body (The Guy’s Perspective)

After writing my perfect body post I realised I wanted to get the other side of the story and to see what it’s like living as a guy in this crazy world. When I thought about who I wanted to write it I knew it had to be my awesome friend Roberto who I met in Buenos Aires, and who now lives back in Boston in the US. When we were in Argentina we had some great chats about the social pressures facing both men and women and how we felt compelled to look, and be, a certain way. Here’s his perspective… Body image. It’s distorted. It’s stressful. It’s “a work in progress”. It’s something that really effects women. But is it just women? Are men not affected by the same, in-your-face-propaganda we’re all subjected to everyday? I am a male, in my early 20’s, and the ideal body image has evolved with me as I’ve gotten older. There’s the pressure…or more accurately, the “suggestion” of what a male body should look like. Chiseled, sculpted, tall, lean, and often hairless. It’s easy to dismiss the effect that male magazines, with their array of suited men to barely-clothed models in designer undergarments can have on us (yes, I am speaking for men at large here). But it takes its toll on you, with every passing advertisement oozing deeper under your skin, like a stream of water slowly penetrating a crack in the road. But for what? What do I gain in the end? I’ve tried to maintain strict regiments, but I began analyzing what I eat, instead of enjoying it. I strove to look like the guys I saw in fashion magazines, dedicating more time in the gym than with those close to me. Now, I am not saying to disregard physical fitness, but like my good friend Pip said earlier, the perfect body is the body that lets me do what I want. I am able to enjoy life with the body I’ve been given, pushing it to the limit when I want to, and resting it when I need to. I work on my body not to make “it” better, but to make my myself and my life better. With this body I’ve been able to trek glaciers in Patagonia, mountains in Morocco, and cobblestone streets in Italy. It works for me and what I want to do, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Thanks for much for sharing Roberto!  Again, just asking for your thoughts today…


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