New Goals

I’ve never been a big one to publicise my goals on here, nor my monthly ‘words’ or whatever they’re called in the blogging community these days. But I do like having something to work for, something that I’m striving for. I grew up pushing my limits through sport and school as well I guess, and I find it’s something that I tend to have a need for to this day.

I always say that both my strength and my weakness is that I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Give me a task and I will work myself into the ground to make sure that I produce the best result possible. Useful but not always healthy. So it’s important that I pick my tasks wisely.


My Masters is drawing to a close. I just have a couple more assignments due in May and then my dissertation due in September.

Now that my deadlines are a bit more spread out I want to regain my work/life balance through working solidly and efficiently but also knowing when to stop. Treating it like a job effectively, except maybe six days a week 😉

Then, come September I obviously need to move onto the next stage…a job. The job search will be commencing this summer and I’m not expecting it to be easy. Even with a Masters and various internships the world of human rights can be incredibly hard to break into. I want to set realistic expectations, I’m not going to get the ‘perfect’ job right away. But I haven’t come this far to settle either.


I’m back CrossFitting 3 days a week again (my membership is just for 3 classes per week, on a budget here!) and I cannot tell you how good it feels. I’m a great believer that our bodies are a gift and a joy to be celebrated, life has taught me that we never know what might happen. We must appreciate the joy of health and movement every day.

Lately I’ve started to miss competing. I’d love to try out some CrossFit competitions some day but truth be told I’m just not confident enough in my abilities yet…

What I have done, however, is enter some running races! It’s my dream to run a marathon some day and this is something I really want to start working towards.

So, on 16th May my friend and I will be running the colour run in Bath! Okay, realistically this isn’t exactly a competitive race. More a fun weekend away but I am so excited! I’ve always wanted to do a colour run and this one looks set to be a lot of fun. Anyone want to join?

A bit more seriously, I have entered the Great North Run! This was done on a slight whim and the race takes place on 13th September, just 2 days before my dissertation deadline so I better be organised. I’m hoping that training for a half marathon will give me some structure through my summer of dissertation writing, and provided some much needed distraction and escapism. I’m going to be running for the MS Society, an organisation close to my heart since my mum has had MS for well over 10 years. I haven’t started fundraising yet but I have set up a JustGiving page so any donations would be very much appreciated. Laura’s going to be running too, it looks set to be a great weekend!

What are you working towards?


4 thoughts on “New Goals

  1. I love reading your goals! Reminds me I need to set some new ones for this month! I think it’s amazing that your doing crossfit! I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I would like something intense like that. I hope you have a lovely weekend beautiful 🙂

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