Moments of Clarity

Not too long ago I wrote about how I’d been struggling, how exhausted I was and how things weren’t so easy. Well I’m happy to say, as you might have guessed, things are on the up! Looking back now I can see how overwhelmed and stressed I was with work, something you never want to admit to yourself at the time. Who wants to have to say that they can’t cope? Especially when it seems that others doing similar things can.

It can be rough when you’ve got used to following a set path – school, travel, university, internship, masters, ???

There’s suddenly an end point where you’re thrown out into the unknown. But then I realised, we’re all in this together. Everyone is just muddling through life, making it up the best they can. Sometimes you hit it and it’s amazing, this beautiful joy can be shared and celebrated with your friends, family and those you love. Then sometimes it seems like you’ve failed and it hurts like hell, but be reassured that you’re not the only one. We’re all in this together and you’ll get back up again.

These moments of reassurance can be long-lasting or just fleeting, moments of clarity.

Perhaps the song that lifts your soul… My personal favourite lately 😉

The workout that releases the stress of the day…

Laughter and escape with friends (either kind)…

Or just pure silence…

grenada beach

Just know that the struggle will pass.

What’s your moment of clarity?


5 thoughts on “Moments of Clarity

  1. What beautiful words lady. We are definitely all in this together. With a supportive community of friends, we got this!
    I am definitely with you on laughter, being with loved ones and silence. Without the downs we wouldn’t know what ups were – so glad you are feeling a bit more back to normal.
    You are totes helping women’s rights in the world, you are going to smash it. Love xx

  2. Great words Pip!
    I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed with the move and puppy, I find moments of quiet are really helping. I just try to appreciate that moment and not think about anything else (for example being in the shower, or having a lie in as I did this morning – well past 4.30 am!!) xx

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