That day I ate out for every meal

Aka last Thursday.

8am hit up CrossFit. Bench press and pendlay row followed by some seriously scaled Cindy (15 min AMRAP 5 ring rows / 10 push-ups / 15 air squats). Cycled slowly home 😉

10am out for breakfast. We went to Fink’s Salt & Sweet which is just five minutes from my flat yet it’s taken me this long to visit. Massive fail. Still, now I’ve finally ‘discovered’ it I can say for sure that I’ll be back. Black coffee and a ham, jam & edam gf sandwich was the order of the day. Salt and sweet, literally.

Fink's Salt & Sweet

11.30am packing. Excessively. Is a giant wheelie suitcase really necessary for a 4 day trip back home? Apparently so. And I still managed to forget my pjs and underwear. This girl has travelled round the world no problem but going back to the countryside for the long weekend = disaster.

1pm coffee at Euston station Pret with my friend before she goes back to Germany next week. DON’T LEAVE!

2.49pm train to Birmingham. First class because it was 5p extra.

First Class

3.30pm hunger hits. Realise that I really should’ve brought snacks. Fail. Again. Watch a film to distract myself. Laptop battery dies 5 mins from the end. For goodness sake.

5pm arrive in Birmingham. Head straight to Starbucks for processed brilliance aka yoghurt and granola. Tasted pretty crappy but I was beyond caring.

5.45pm my friend picks me up from University station. Catch-ups begin.

7.30pm (ish) head to Lost & Found for a night of indulgence. It went something like this.

Champagne cocktails‘The Grape Escape’ Champagne cocktails

Lost & Found BirminghamAdmire the view

Salmon Lost & FoundSmoked salmon and cream cheese courgette parcel with tomato and crispy capers

Pork Lost & FoundSlow cooked pork cheek, roasted pork belly and creamed haggis with baby vegetables. I can’t even…

Cocktail Lost & FoundA pretty cocktail

Pudding Lost & FoundMy version of pudding aka a creamy cocktail. Turns out my body does NOT like creamy cocktails. Big error.

11pm girl at the bar complements me on my outfit. We have a discussion about feminism and women. That’s how I roll.

12am the taxi hunt commences.

12.15am stop for cash. Taxi driver tells me all about the spliff he smoked in Morocco and how much he hated it.

12.30am arrive back. Chats with housemates.

1.30am bed. The end.

When did you last eat out for every meal? Please say I’m not the only one…


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