Big City Life

Six months in Buenos Aires, the crazy city that kinda stole my heart. Seven months in London, with the crazy people who have always had my heart.

Two big cities, so full of similarities but both so different at the same time. Is it really possible to compare my life in the two of them? Can I pick a favourite? Hell no, but I can try.

Buenos Aires

I’m well aware that I’ve already written a lot about this place but I can’t help it! This post shows how much the city meant to me when I was there but now I’m back in the UK I’ve found a new time and space to reflect upon it.

Buenos Aires Rooftop

BsAs is a city of noise, of craziness, of hustle and bustle and quiet moments on my rooftop looking down on it all. The city where I found who I was again (*such a stereotype*) and realised my path in life. The city which totally threw me into the unknown. I arrived there with no friends, not knowing a soul and barely speaking the language. I left with it feeling like my home, with a community of people I loved, and I built up my own life there.

A place of nothing to a place of something, perhaps of everything?


Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to live in London. I remember looking out of my bedroom window at the garden and pretending it was one of London’s squares, dreaming of moving to big city life.

London view from the Shard

In London I feel settled, I came here already knowing the city pretty well. My friends are (mostly) here, the friends that I missed and needed so much when I was away. It’s familiar yet still big enough to be interesting and different. I can travel home to the countryside at the drop of a hat. Life here is flexible. It’s known.

London has been the perfect place for me to continue to move forward, to continue to better myself. Yet, is it possible to feel both settled and restless? That craving for an adventure, for the foreign, the unknown and the unknowable… it’s always there. Maybe it always will be, and that’s okay.

So is there a winner? Of course not. I guess what I really wanted to say in this post is that it’s okay to have your heart in two totally different cities on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and to love them both equally for utterly different reasons. As to what I do and where I go from here? Well watch this space, because I haven’t a bloody clue.

Thoughts… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Big City Life

  1. I love London, but I’m not sure I could ever live there, well not Central London anyway. I love to dip my toes in and retreat back to the peace and quiet. I can see the appeal though…Wholedfoods, theatres and museums. It really is an amazing city!

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