{Review} M1lk, Balham

Last week I took myself out for breakfast as a treat before work. With all the deadlines I’ve had lately I was due a reward, right?

I’d stayed at my cousin’s house in Tooting the night before so just before 8am I strolled across Tooting Common through the morning mist to visit M1lk, my latest breakfast place of choice. Cat and I tested it out for the first time on Shrove Tuesday and it did not disappoint. Or rather, it did disappoint due to the fact the pancake batter wasn’t ready yet but it more than made up for it with a great atmosphere, friendly staff and epic coffee. We were happy. Very happy.

M1lk’s corner location means that, although small, it is light bright and airy. The perfect location to watch the world wake-up, after 8am that is 😉

I don’t have any pictures from my first visit due to a dead phone so I ‘borrowed’ this photo from M1lk’s Twitter account. Kicking off pancake day with sticky black rice, cacao nibs, blood orange and creamy goodness? Well okay then, if I have to.

FullSizeRender (14)

Anyhow, back to last week. I wandered in and didn’t even have to consult the menu to know what I wanted – Cat’s order from last time. Food envy is real folks. I ordered at the counter and sat down with my orange infused water and a glorious coffee to await my breakfast…

coffee m1lk

Just enough time for some blog reading, Instagram flicking and to enjoy my surroundings. All the important stuff.

M1lk BalhamApologies to the random guy for featuring the back of your head…

Then… it arrived. A beautiful tower of cornbread, pork sausage, scrambled egg, crispy bacon, and the best bloody sauce ever. Talk about a breakfast fit for a king (/queen).

The Convict M1lk

It’s called the Convict and usually comes with an English muffin but a highly recommend sweet talking them into subbing a slice of cornbread for you… There’s a small extra charge but I can assure you it’s 100% worth it.

Layers of protein goodness all on top of some delicious carbs and a sprinkling of fats to top it all off. Of course, I knocked the tower over to dissect it and eat it all individually, and then in different combinations. Because I’m adventurous like that.

M1lk makes me wish I lived in South London so I could go everyday… I think you should go on my behalf? When in Rome Balham and all that. It’s worth it if only to enjoy the good-looking barista behind the bar 😉

Where’s your favourite breakfast spot? Would you like the Convict?


4 thoughts on “{Review} M1lk, Balham

  1. My favourite breakfast spot is The Waffle House – there are two in the UK and they are so good- not weird sweet crispy waffles but just perfect ones, sweet or savoury. Although I do love Bill’s for pancakes or French toast.

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