Five sports to try before I’m 30

Once I find a sport I love I tend to stick to it and get pretty set in my ways. I’m definitely an all or nothing kinda girl, you won’t find me doing a different activity each day of the week, running and CrossFit is about as much variety as you’ll see around these parts.

Yet, going skiing again for the first time in four years has reminded me how much fun a sporty holiday really can be. You get to see a new part of the world that you might not necessarily travel to otherwise, plus you can balance out feeling active but refreshed all at the same time. And you’ll have even more room for all the holiday treats if you know what I mean 😉


Wow I’m such a cliché. I have always wanted to learn to surf but still haven’t quiiiiiite got round to it… Partly hindered by my fear of open water… I’ve figured I have some requirements/specific specification for my surfing holiday. Not that I’m fussy or anything:

  1. Sunshine because, duh
  2. Warm water, wetsuits and me aren’t friends
  3. A sand beach, pebbles are a no no
  4. Someone to teach me?

This will be me in no time…right?


So I’ve already been skydiving and it was pretty awesome but you know what would be even awesomer? (Totally a word). Skydiving solo!

The rush is completely unreal, especially during the free fall, and obviously the view is kinda ridiculous too. I feel all that would be even better if doing it on my own, plus the added feeling of total freedom. I’ve looked into doing courses before but they all seem to be pretty pricey, definitely one to save up for!

skydiving taupoMe, skydiving over Lake Taupo, New Zealand in 2010

Yoga (Retreat)

Having gone to yoga classes on and off for a few years now, I have this image of me heading off to India (Indiaaaaa, anyone? Get it?) backpack and hippy clothes in tow and coming back a fully fledged yogi warrior. Realistically, that isn’t going to happen. Especially since I just typed worrier before warrior.

Still, I love the idea of taking time out to do something else completely and utterly different. To step away from the intense exercise that I am used to and learn about my body in a completely different way. I just may need to find a beginner’s course.

Run a marathon

Although technically not a sport I still consider marathon running to be in a league of its own. The dedication and determination, not to mention the fact that you need to be seriously hardcore to get through hours and hours of non-stop running is something I’ve always admired. And I want to be part of that crowd to! I’m setting a half marathon as my goal for the next year or so (depending on where I end up geographically) and then once I’m settled it’s time to get serious 😉 I shall be messaging this lovely lady for tips, that’s for sure.


I’m seriously hoping that it isn’t going to take me 6.5 years to get to grip with a handstand but you never know… Seriously though, my gymnastics skills are…lacking which can be incredibly frustrating when it comes to CrossFit WODs. Give me burpees over muscle-ups any day. (As if I’m anywhere near doing a muscle up!)

Now that I have more time again as the craziness of assignments has finally died down I need to get my s*** together and commit to working out properly again. There, I’ve said it on the Internet, now I have to do it.
One day…
What would make your list?

8 thoughts on “Five sports to try before I’m 30

  1. I would happily go on a yoga retreat to “Indiahhhh” with you. Seriously, lets manifest the money and go!
    Hope you are having a lovely time away 🙂

  2. I hope you get to do all of them, Pip! The 20’s will go by SUPER quick (I wish someone could have told me this), I’ll be 30 by the end of the year. =)

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