Riding the wave of life

So yesterday was a great day. Yesterday was my last day of lectures of my Masters degree – how on earth did that come around so quickly? Now just one presentation, three assignments, one 24 hour exam and one 15,000 word dissertation and I’ll be done 😉 But seriously, it feels like I just started this course!

Yet, at the same time yesterday showed me how far I’ve come. In a nutshell my day went something like this – breakfast, finish transcribing an interview I had with someone in Brazil the other week for a uni assignment, a lecture on Syrian refugees with an incredible guest speaker, quick lunch, a ‘Syrian simulation’ seminar, a lecture on Hugo Chávez, a lecture with a guest speaker on Venezuela, a Skype lecture with a journalist live from Venezuela, home, dinner, FaceTime with my friend in the US who I met in Buenos Aires (a year ago…what?!), geek out on a Netflix human rights documentary, bed. BOOM. Not so long ago I wouldn’t have been able to do any of those things!

you only live once

Yesterday, it felt like I was riding the wide of life. I was at the peak. That moment where ask yourself “Seriously? Is this happening?”. It felt amazing, that this really is my life. This is what I’m meant to be doing.

Sometimes the wave will crash down, suddenly and without warning. The swell will settle and you will be faced with a flat calm again. But the water will still be moving. Slowly, gently, gradually you’ll edge your way, you will progress. And then another wave will come, it will pick you up and you will soar. Riding the wave of life.


10 thoughts on “Riding the wave of life

  1. It’s always nice to look back and realize that you’re doing “impossible” things… seeing how far you’ve come must be rewarding. I’m so happy for you!

  2. You know what, we really are long lost sisters. I have that, ‘“Seriously? Is this happening?” feeling ALL THE TIME. I am still amazed by my new life here in Illinois, especially since my 1 year anniversary of living here is around the corner. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MBA!!!!!!! So inspiring, lots of respect for you darling.

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