Weekend Snapshots – The Simple Things

Well hello there. Once again today’s post is brought to you by a rather tired blogger… Deadline season is well and truly upon us and it has hit my mind, body and soul hard. I’ve been spending most of my time lately with good old Mr Mac… I think we might be exclusive.

*Ahem*, did I say I was tired? Bad laptop jokes aside, I’ve been trying to look on the positive side of things lately! Luckily I’ve got some beautiful friends to pick me up when needed! And this weekend I took the chance to pop back home for some intense working sessions, home cooked food and fresh country air…

Daffodils made me smile as I walked into my room… 🙂


Hereford’s best health food store reminded me of my quests not so long ago to hunt down coconut yoghurt and nut butters out in the sticks! I was pleasantly surprised to see it’s stock is slowly but surely expanding… Dare I say the UK is slowly catching onto the health food craze?


The most exciting purchase has to be… Drum roll please…

chocolate booja-booja

Half a pint of cider in the pub on Friday night brought out the Herefordshire girl in me 😀 Then I saw the beautiful (and massive) moon on my drive home! This picture really doesn’t do it justice, it was stunning!

full moon

Home cooked food is the bomb.com. Moroccan chicken with apricots and toasted almonds for the win.

Moroccan chicken

I woke up to this view on Instagram on Saturday morning… Talk about holiday jealousy. I mean c’mon. That is what I need. Pronto.

instagram view

It’s not always perfect eating round these parts. I think there’s a tendency for bloggers to photograph and publicise the healthier stuff and ignore the rest. Well, sometimes a GF cheese toastie is 100% necessary.

gluten free cheese toastie

Did anyone else do this with snowdrops when they were a kid? Or was it just me… #simplethings

blue snowdrops

And what would a weekend home be without a roast dinner?

roast beef

It’s all about the simple things.

How was your weekend? What simple things have you been loving lately?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots – The Simple Things

  1. Ok Booja Booja ‘ice cream’ is so incredibly amazing! The vanilla one is my favourite, a real amazing treat! Have you tried their chocolates? You will not be disappointed by their truffles!
    I haven’t made a roast dinner in ages… Inspires me to do one soon, they are so good for the soul!

  2. Oh my goodness I want to try that roast and vegetables! My weekend was pretty laid back, this week we’re on Spring Break and Im trying to stay on top of my school work to make things easier when we go back to university next week. As far of simple things go, I love the fact that I get to cook healthy real meals since I’m not rushing around to get to classes this week. =)

    • It’s amazingggggggg. I want it again now 😀
      Coconut Collaborative have also brought out a coconut milk one, more ingredients but still quite nice! Although I am still undecided on my views on coconutty ice cream for some reason…

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