Plumbers, Chocolate and Country Music

Well hello there! It’s getting rather late and I’ve been working since 7.30am so excuse me if this doesn’t fully make sense… but I wanted to write and luckily Amanda lets us Think Out Loud on Thursdays so it’s all good!

1. The highlight of my weird things that I’ve seen in London this week just has to be the dog being taken for a walk with a Go Pro attached to its collar… I’m sorry but what? Maybe I’ll understand when I finally get my puppy (in approximately three years time) but until then that’s just strange. I mean, does the owner sit there and watch a whole day’s worth of footage to see what little Baxter got up to?

2. My coping mechanism for my current assignment stress (life re-begins on 19th March, just so you know) seems to be in the form of chocolate and country music. I’m getting slightly worried I’m going to turn into a fat country and western singer…

chocolate cookieA GF cashew chocolate cookie? Well if I must…

3. Separately from the aforementioned chocolate love – none of which I have eaten with regret – I so nearly had my first binge in forever on Monday. It’s been pretty rough lately and combining this with exhaustion and probably a slightly haywire body due to my increased sugar intake lately was not exactly great. You know what I did instead though? I went for a run. It was a beautiful sunny (windy) evening and I donned my shoes and shorts, popped on a podcast and escaped for five glorious kilometres. How’s that for progress?

clissord park run

4. I think someone’s playing pranks on me this week. Monday – the tap falls off the shower and water won’t stop flowing for 3.5 hours. I have to wait up for the emergency plumber to arrive till 11pm. Tuesday – my train gets cancelled halfway to CrossFit, then the bus terminates early, then the bus stop is closed. I arrive at CrossFit an hour late. Wednesday – a fire alarm goes off in the middle of a workshop at my volunteer work, we have to evacuate the building. Thursday – watch this space.


5. Coffee. Thank God for coffee.


6. I ordered more Quest Bars as a present to myself… This uni lark’s getting expensive. Actually maybe I should blame Ashley for recommending such deliciousness to me. Chocolate chip cookie dough for the win.

7. I’ve started up Spanish lessons again! A liiiiiiittle (read a lot) rusty but I am so loving speaking español again. Plus, my walk there takes me past this view so who’s complaining? London sure has a habit of making me smile when I least expect it.


8. I’m going home this weekend! Yay! Cue the best bed in the world (mine), country air and family time. Heaven.


Any randomness from your week? Tell me something out loud.


10 thoughts on “Plumbers, Chocolate and Country Music

  1. I’d love to put a GoPro on Merlin to see what he gets up to when I’m gone. I’m pretty certain he sleeps 90% of the time, but I’m also sure he probably gets into trouble that I don’t know about. Over the weekend I found a toy in the bathtub and a box of crackers knocked over.

    Gah! What a week! It always seems like bad stuff happens all at once. I’m hopful your string of bad luck is over and done with 🙂

    • Hahaha that makes far more sense though to have one when you’re not there! I read about an app you can get that records your dog/cat when you’re out…

      Thank you! I dropped a yoghurt on the floor on Thursday in a café and broke it but since then, things are on the up… I hope 😉

  2. I’ve seen people put GoPros on their dogs! Buuuut this was usually up in the mountains and not just walking around the city. I imagine it might be interesting to get a different view, though? And chocolate and country music are two things that I can definitely relate to as well. I’ve never even been the biggest country fan, but lately a lot of the songs have been catching my attention!

  3. Oh no, looks like you are having one of those week! Keep your chin up and enjoy every minute at home relaxing 🙂 p.s. that cookie looks amazing xx

  4. Oh no I hope nothing bad happened on Thursday! We had two bad things- got home one weekend to find our boiler had broken so no heating or hot water, and then the next day we found nibble marks in chocolate- from mice!

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