Feeling Limitless

On Friday morning I woke up pre CrossFit feeling a little on edge. In the back of my mind was the knowledge that that day’s WOD was inspired by the 2014 CrossFit Games Triple 3 event – the event that had Rich Froning walking – and was going to go as follows:

– 1 mile run

– 150 double unders (or 450 singles)

– 2km row

This was to be my longest row since my injury 2.5 years ago. I had been in two minds about whether to go that day but my back and shoulder had been feeling pretty good so I decided to feel the fear and just do it.


When I was rowing, 2km ‘tests’ would have such a build up around them. It would play on my mind the week before as I knew that one score, that one moment, was going to be judged. Then the day would arrive and I’d want the warm-up to go on forever, to delay the inevitable. The intensity was real.

But Friday was different. Our session started out with the usual strength component – bench press that day – before heading into the WOD. No fuss, no drama, we just headed out on the run and got going. I let go of my fear and just counted myself through each component. My aim on the rower was simple, keep a steady pace, solid tekkers and put everything I had left out there at the end. My PR on a 2km is 7.30, set when I was 18 at free rate. On Friday my score was 8.04.2 at 25 strokes per minute. Oh and I was 23 😉

As a rower I probably would have been pretty derogatory of that score but now? As people high fived me and congratulated me on my row I felt amazing. After 2.5 years of no rowing, no rowing training and a strength work out followed by the first part of the WOD I was still about to pull 8.04.2? Well that’s not too shabby is it now. As I cycled home that day a smile kept popping up across my face, after all my body has gone through it can still be pushed to its extreme… It can still achieve. I felt limitless, anything was possible.

I’m not sure when I fell out of love with rowing exactly, probably somewhere around the 1293th injury or when counting calories became more of an obsession that the sport, but I know for sure now that my heart’s well and truly gone to the CrossFit side now. It was there when I needed it, a new sport to follow, a new way to push my limits. Yet it’s also given me balance, as assignments and studying have taken over lately I’ve been able to prioritise my studies and I know it’s not the end of the world. It’s a temporary change and I cannot wait to get back into training more regularly and see what I can do.

Because that’s what sport’s all about really, and for me why I CrossFit.

To exceed your expectations.

To open your mind and heart to things you never thought possible.

To do ignore everyone who tells you your sport is a ‘cult’ and do what’s right for you.

To learn to trust yourself and scale/push as necessary for you.

To listen to someone else who knows more than you.

To ditch your ego and learning that perhaps you’re not quite as great at everything as you once thought.

To find the one thing that terrifies you (going upside down) and edge a little closer to achieving it each day.

To find community and strength in others as you realise that you don’t have to do everything alone.

To quieten the mind because who can realistically think about anything else in the middle of a WOD?

To find patience and determination because sometimes style comes before substance (hello double unders).

To connect with your body and thrive off the sheer joy of movement.

To feel yourself gaining stronger each day and to prioritise that over any desire to loose weight.

To ride the greatest kind of high, and feel totally limitless.

To make your heart pound, set your lungs on fire, to drip in sweat and feel completely and utterly alive.

Why do you do what you do? 


4 thoughts on “Feeling Limitless

  1. Well done Pip that’s amazing! I love reading your passion for CrossFit, I have to admit I’ve missed having working out ‘properly’ (I.e that sweat dripping, muscle trembling exercise that leaves you feeling exhilarated) and I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick it back up sometime this month!

  2. super inspiring and well done! it took me ages to be able to build up to that kind of 2 km time, so very impressed that you could do it after such a long time. Keep killing it!

  3. Love your reasons about why you CrossFit, they are pretty much the same as mine! It makes me feel stronger than I ever thought I could be, both physically and mentally!
    Glad I found your blog… Very rare to find another UK CrossFit blogger! 🙂

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