I believe…

I believe that everyone is different, and that difference is something to celebrate.

I believe in experimenting and learning about your body each day. Find its groove, find what it loves and what makes you feel good. Even if it’s different to all your friends.

I believe that my body works best without gluten and with minimal grains, dairy, legumes and refined sugars.

I believe that just because my body works this way doesn’t mean yours will too. And I don’t have any right to tell you otherwise.

I believe, however, that real foods are essential to our health.


I believe in the joy of movement and appreciating your body every day you can.

I believe that loving your body will bring you more happiness than berating it ever will. Life’s too short for that shizzle.

I believe that just because I believe the above, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be easy.

I believe that you should listen to this song whilst reading this post…

I believe that sleep may well be the most powerful healer.

I believe in the power of dreams.

I believe that one single song can turn your whole day around.

I believe that chocolate is an essential food group.

I believe that rest is vital and that afterwards your mind and body will work harder, faster, better, stronger.

I believe in saying yes more than saying no.

I believe that laughter is the best exercise – it strengthens both your abs and your soul.

I believe in taking each day as it comes.

I believe in writing, and finding your own way to express yourself.

I believe that having those few good friends who know you inside out is the most beautiful blessing.

I believe in gratitude, not everyone gets to lead the life you do.

I believe that travel will open your heart and mind to the magic of this world.

I believe that life is nothing without adventures, however big or small they may be.

I believe that anywhere can be home as long as your loved ones are there.

I believe that rain makes the sun shine even brighter after it passes.

I believe that fear is there to show you that you are heading in the right direction, and that great things are to come if you can just push through.

I believe that if you type believe this many times it starts to look like a really weird word.

What do you believe?


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