24 hours in…bed.

Well hello there blogging world. Totally didn’t mean that accidental blogging holiday to happen, a busy weekend followed by not enough sleep and the need to catch up on work meant that I was AWOL for the first part of the week and then I spent Thursday in bed for 24 hours with a horrible sickness bug. Not fun folks, not fun at all. I watched far too many films and ate one meal and a banana all day. But do not fear, for I am back! Phewph.


I’ve surprised myself by just how disconnected I have felt this week, I’ve missed reading and commenting on blogs and most of all I’ve missed writing! For me, writing is definitely my outlet. A creative need you might say. Which is somewhat strange since I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty un-creative person otherwise…

Other fun things that happened this week included my dear dear iPhone breaking on Monday after a week or so of technical tantrums. It’s been sent off by the lovely folks at Carphone Warehouse for a bit of TLC and should hopefully be back in two weeks… TWO WEEKS!!! I have a temporary phone shaped thing with no instagram, no whatsapp, and the world’s worst camera. So no pictures from me for a while. I know I know, you’re heartbroken.

On the plus side, this weekend is looking far more fun – my first Spanish lesson since July on Friday (/last) night, a much needed workout or two, dinner with uni friends and brunch with a couple of school friends who I haven’t seen in years. SO excited! Oh, and some work. Rather a lot of work to be honest… Hence me trying to not be toooo busy. But hey, at least I enjoy my degree! #geekout

Have a beautiful weekend and speak soon(er). Lots of fun things planned for the blog in the not so distant future!

What do you do on sick days? Any fun plans for the weekend?


12 thoughts on “24 hours in…bed.

  1. Is it terrible that I feel even more sorry for that teddy bear? Too adorable! No, I really do feel for ya. I know you don’t need to be told this but take it eeeeasy! The end is in sight – just think of it like a really drawn out WOD… 😉

    • Oh my gosh I was hoping someone would comment on that, isn’t it just the cutest?!
      Pahahaha you have me chuckling out loud over here, you know me too well comparing life to WODs 😉 and yup, hit up CrossFit this morning but tomorrow = rest and yoga. Balance.

  2. It stinks that you were sick and that your iPhone broke! But it’s great that your weekend looks more fun. Mine is going to be all work and no play (for the most part) but I’m using this time to get ahead in my classes, so I think it’ll be worth my while.

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