Lessons from a weekend back home

First off, thank you so much for your sweet comments on Friday’s post. I was a bit nervous publishing my thoughts and troubles on the internet like that but it just goes to show what a loving community healthy living bloggers can be. So thank you!

I spent this past weekend back home in Herefordshire and it was blissful. There’s nothing like some country air to make you feel a bit better. Plus, time away from the ‘real world’ gives you some space to reflect, bringing valuable life lessons. Some serious, some…less so.

This weekend…

…I learnt that eggs and maple syrup are just as good as I remember from my first proper trip Stateside circa 2005.

eggs bacon maple syrup

…I learnt that taking your mum out for a belated birthday lunch is an excellent idea because you get to eat delicious food too. If you’re ever in Hereford be sure to check out La Madeline, I love it.

mushroom soup

…I learnt that food freedom is a wonderful thing, to feel included and free from fear. Because catching up with friends over hot chocolate and marshmallows is pure perfection on a cold winter’s day.

hot chocolate marshmallows

…I learnt that when tired and a bit ill my appetite is seriously impressive. Particularly when out for a treat dinner. Holy yum. Jules is well worth a visit, everything is fresh and local and the menu changes regularly.


baked camembert

smoked aubergine pate(And sharing starters is always the best way to go – baked camembert // smoked aubergine pâté)

pheasantPheasant and veggies for the win

ice creamIce cream steals my heart every time – chocolate sorbet // vanilla ice cream // salt caramel ice cream

…I learnt that Arrogant Frogs make delicious wine.

arrogant frog wine

…I learnt that it pays to live in a slightly backwards (!) town sometimes. Because this means that the new health food store hasn’t caught onto trends yet and charges £4.95 for coconut butter that’s usually closer to a tenner #bargain.

coconut butter

…I learnt that dresses that I’d previously gone off have become more interesting again. Well, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.


…I learnt that ditching your fear of ‘processed chocolate’ is a bloody delicious move when it involves baking Mini Eggs into Amanda’s flourless chocolate brownies. I cannot put into words how divine these bad boys are.

mini eggs flourless chocolate brownies

…I learnt that I can still be a country girl no matter how much I love city life. Walks in the woods for the win.

credenhill park woods

credenhill park woods 2See the snow?!

credenhill park woods 3

…I learnt that my dad makes the best roast dinners. Although let’s be honest, I knew that already.

roast lamb

…and I learnt that sunsets from the coach journey home make me reflective, sad, content and happy all at the same time.

sunsetNo filter necessary

What did you learn this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Lessons from a weekend back home

  1. I loved reading this! Loving all of the lessons learnt and super proud of the costa hot chocolate and the mini eggs – high to the five right there! That camembert looks insane!

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