Weekend Adventures & A Big Day Out

You know those weekends when you end up more tired than you were before they started? That’s how I feel right now, thank God for coffee or this post would have no words at all. It was certainly fun though and since hectic weekends don’t happen too often for me, you’ll see why in a minute, it was most definitely worth it.

This weekend included weird, to me, food. Also known as normal to other people. I mean, a bowl of white rice with just veggies and no meat? Who even am I? Sometimes you’ve just got to listen to what your body’s craving.

white rice and veggies

Luckily I had some pulled pork in the oven so by the time Friday dinner time rolled around I was back to my usual eating. Phewph.

pulled pork

This weekend included the toughest workout I have done in a long time. In the space for Saturday’s WOD on last week’s CrossFit schedule the was nothing other than the words ‘surprise’. This meant one thing. Running. And low and behold when I woke up on Saturday morning it was snowing. The temptation to crawl back under the covers was strong to say the least but I persevered. After our strength session we found out that we were doing partner Murph… For those of you who aren’t CrossFitters this consisted of 1 mile run (together with your partner), 100 pull ups (50 each, I scaled to ring rows), 200 push ups (100 each), 300 air squats (150 each), 1 mile run again. Ouch. It was the run at the end that got me, holy moly. Still, there’s nothing like kicking off your weekend with a good old sweat sesh and a sense of accomplishment.

Fortunately for Cat I wobbled home on my bike afterwards for a shower and to refuel before heading out to meet her at Marylebone station. Turns out, Saturday CrossFit sessions require an epic breakfast afterwards. Didn’t you know?

paleo porridge and eggsBreakfast on steroids

So, Cat and I had planned a Big Day Out for Saturday. For a long time now, in fact since before we even formally (i.e. non-virtually) met, we’ve been wanting to try out Paleo Restaurant in Leamington Spa, one of just two paleo restaurants in the UK. Yup, we were willing to travel cross-country all in the name of research. Legit.

The Big Day Out was off to a good start. We fuelled up with coffee at the station and caught our train on time. Off we trundled, through the pretty English countryside. It sure was good to see some rolling hills again for the country bumpkin (somewhere) in me. We left Banbury station, the stop before Leamington, chatting away in good spirits, putting the world (real and blogging) to rights. And then, the train stopped. We had no signal on our phones and the train driver helpfully informed us that neither did he, and so he didn’t know what was going on either. After waiting for a while, the train started slowly heading in the wrong direction. It felt like a lost creature, retreating from battle with its tail between its legs. Turns out, as those of you who follow me on Twitter may already know, there had been a landslip on the line and all trains between Banbury and Leamington Spa were suspended. Or rather, all trains were cancelled.

What did we do you ask? Well


We spent the afternoon stuck in Banbury. Charming place isn’t it… (apologies to all people who live in Banbury…). We concluded that it had a lot of nail salons and closed up shops. Joyous.

BanburyOkay Banbury, you do have some pretty bits…

After much wandering around we stumbled upon the most random restaurant/pub/eating establishment I’ve been to in ages. It looks quite nice on the website actually but it was certainly…interesting. We, however, were certainly hungry. And in need of a vase of wine apparently.

vase of wine

Must to our happy surprise the food turned out to be pretty good. Cue a tree of lamb and chorizo skewers, potatoes and salad. Oh hello there.

lamb and chorizo skewersOh look, it’s Cat in the background! We really must remember to take an actual photo together some day

With it looking unlikely that we were going to get a train back to London anytime soon we decided pudding was the only way to go. They had an awesome range of ice cream flavours, after much deliberation I settled on the tiramisu and milk chocolate. So so good.

tiramisu chocolate ice cream

With some quietly content tummies we trudged back to the train station to find…A TRAIN!! It was a miracle. Chiltern Railways had finally got their act together and sent out a train from London to pick up us stragglers. Thank you kindly.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t quite so eventful and can be summed up in just a few sentences and a photo, since this post is getting rather long. Saturday night involved my first proper night out out in a very long time, meaning Sunday was very sleepy indeed and spent with the sofa and a writing project I’m working on, followed by a much needed coffee and catch-up (both equally essential) at TAP Coffee near Oxford Circus.

TAP Coffee London

Look out for A Big Day Out Take 2, coming to a blog near you soon.

How was your weekend? Are you a big night out person, or do you tend to go for the chilled option like me?


7 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures & A Big Day Out

  1. Reading this has made ny commute! Too much lol. Well at least we know where to get our nails done now?! Also love our reasoning behind dessert. When stranded in Banbury…

  2. That cross fit session sounds epic! I have yet to try it but it does sound appealing in a crazy painful sort of way. I always cram too much in – ever the optimist!

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