Good Friends, Good Food and Good Workouts

Sometimes it’s the super simple things in life that make you smile. I’m a firm believer that life doesn’t need to be complex for you to be happy and that’s something I really appreciated this past weekend.

My weekend started out with ‘fake Friday’. On my bus ride home from a late night at Uni on Thursday I found myself smiling to myself – I had bacon waiting for me at home (yup, bacon is my boyfriend) and no work till Monday! Ideal.

On real Friday, after CrossFit, I had the joy of meeting my cousin’s brand new baby girl! She was born on Christmas Day and is just a bundle of joy… I have such a tonne of respect for all parents though and am so so proud of my cousin 🙂 Then I tootled across Tooting (ha) to see the lovely Hannah for dinner. Han started a blog recently with some kick ass recipes, so head on over and check it out. We went to the Chicken Shop, which we were told is basically a fancy Nando’s. We both hate Nando’s. This however was insane. So simple – you order chicken by the quarter, half or whole and then there’s a selection of sides. Don’t go if you’re a vegetarian. But it was bloody delicious.

The Chicken Shop

Saturday started out with CrossFit and a really fun partner WOD – 15 min AMRAP: 10 deadlifts / 30 box jumps / 15 deadlifts / 30 box jumps / 20 deadlifts / 30 box jumps… You get the idea. I just really love deadlifts! Even if my body has been slightly hating me since. Then I headed into Kings Cross to meet a friend who was in town for the weekend for lunch and a much needed catch-up. We had planned on trying out Caravan but the 90 minute wait ruined that idea… Cue a quick google and wandering round the corner to Dishoom which did not disappoint!

DishoomChicken and cranberry biryrani, green salad, (a slightly dubious) dahl and garlic naan (I passed on that bit)

So what does every girl need after Saturday lunch? Pudding obviously. We hopped on the tube down to Regent Street and wandered around the backstreets – how have I never done that before?! So pretty. I realised we were pretty near some of the places on Cat’s awesome almond milk coffee shop map and so we decided to try out the Detox Kitchen for an almond latte and beetroot brownie…. Admittedly the brownie was GF, refined sugar free, etc etc. but so is most of the stuff I make at home and I was still not a fan. In fact, I took two bites and left it. If you know me well you’ll know that me leaving chocolate is just unheard of! But this just tasted of beetroot and nothing else, such a shame. The coffee was okay but the almond milk was quite overpowering. Still, it’s great to see more places serving almond milk!

Detox Kitchen

Saturday night was spent watching A Beautiful Mind with homemade spiced hot chocolate (a gift from my lovely cousin – thank you!) with another friend. The perfect relaxing Saturday night (bar the mini powercut mid-way through, that freeeeaked me out).

On Sunday morning I was up at 6.30am to meet my darling daddy on his way home from skiing in the French Alps for breakfast at St Pancras, sooo good to see him as always! It made me even more excited to head home next weekend 🙂 plus, never say no to a free breakfast…

eggs proscuitto

hot chocolate

After that stupidly early start I made it to the coffee shop I’d planned to work in an hour before it opened… What to do? Go to Planet Organic and wander around Islington listening to Taylor Swift? Oh okay then.


Soon I need to do a write-up of The Coffee Works Project as I go at least once a week and absolutely love it. I can sit there working away for hours fuelled by good coffee, a cosy atmosphere and great music… Happy Sunday indeed.

The Coffeeworks Project

How was your weekend? What made you smile?


3 thoughts on “Good Friends, Good Food and Good Workouts

  1. I had a beetroot brownie on holiday once and it was weird because it was grated very thickly- I thought it would have been pureed. So you got massive strands of beetroot mixed in with brownie. Weird.
    I had a lovely walk around London on Saturday- the weather was fab and it was lovely to be out.

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