New Year, New Ideas

2014 kicked some serious butt. I may sound like a walking cliché but WOW was last year awesome. It had incredibly highs and some serious lows, let’s just say that two separate families crises in one year isn’t exactly calming, yet somehow everything has worked out okay, and for that I am so grateful.

So, the good stuff? No dwelling on negatives here.

2014 was the year that I packed up my trusty rucksack and jetted off across the pond to live in Argentina for 6 months knowing not a single soul. Whilst there I learnt more about myself than I possibly could have imagined.

2014 was the year that I got accepted onto a grad scheme, something I had no idea was possible.

2014 was the year that I moved back to a new house, and had to find a kind of strength.

2014 was the year that I started CrossFit, which has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

2014 was the year that I found paleo eating, and completed my first Whole 30.

2014 was the year that I moved to London, something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I was 10 years old.

2014 was the year that I ran my first race.

2014 was the year that I truly found comfort in my blogging voice, and with it connected with so many inspiring people across the globe, some of whom I now have the blessing to call my friends.

2014 was the year. The year of adventures, self-discovery, friendships forged and pure falling in love with life itself. The year that I didn’t know I needed until it came along. Cheesy but true, #getoverit. I try not to use the word blessed, as it can sound somewhat obnoxious, but there is not better way to sum up how lucky and privileged I feel to have had the experiences of the past year. I’ve become more connected with myself, my body, and the world around me. And that’s pretty darn beautiful.

So what for 2015? I’m cautious of setting resolutions, as most people seem to be these days, as they seem a bit too pressurised, a bit like “must make a plan. NOW.”. And that’s just a set up for failure. Instead, I want to set ideas. Ideas to break down into smaller, step by step goals. These ideas are my hopes for the next year, ones that will then help me on the way to the bigger dream.

  • Travel. I’m addicted, it’s true. What is a year without adventure?
  • More running races, I need to get my act together and find a half marathon to enter.
  • More CrossFit, the high I get from pushing my body to its limits is unbeatable. I want to see what I can do over the course of a year (especially since the last one involved moving 3 times, it’s kind of hard to get into a routine).
  • Slow down. In all aspects of life. To take more time to speak with new people, to stretch, to practice more yoga and to close down my busy mind.
  • Keep on studying. I’ve been pleased with how my work/life balance has improved with my postgrad degree vs. my undergrad so this is something I want to continue working on. That, and again more experience be it in an internship or…dare I say it? A…job?

But ultimately, I want to treat every day like it’s January 1st. A day of hope, possibility, and aspiration. We set new year’s resolutions each year with an aim to improve ourselves, to take better care of our lives. Why shouldn’t this be something that we do every day? Why the light, the optimism, of the dream shine through each morning?


Quit the berating, the self-loathing, the punishment. Give yourself a bit of self-love, find your dream, and aim for it. Every. Single. Day. Break that dream down into smaller goals, something to work on daily. It’s the baby steps that are the most valuable after all.

Most importantly, believe you’re worth it. I know you are.

For more self-care check out Ange’s blog today.


12 thoughts on “New Year, New Ideas

  1. Your 2014 sounds amazing. I definitely need to look into all the stuff you did because I want to pack up and move eventually. 🙂

    Hope your 2015 is great and that mine is as good as your 2014 was. 🙂

  2. Wow what a great year! That sounds amazing – I have yet to try cross fit (been injured) but cant wait to give it a whirl!

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