A Very Merry Christmas

‘Scuse the radio silence for the past week, like kind of got taken over by this little thing called Christmas and a rather long essay… Let’s just say I’ll be very happy when 19th January rolls around and I’ll be out of essay season for a little while.

Now, let’s get to the good bit. Aka CHRISTMAS!! The best time of the year. I always find there’s something rather magical about the build up to Christmas, the weather getting colder… the nights drawing in… indoors seeming super cosy and homely… and simply the fact that everyone seems happier, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. And then you get to spend the day itself with your slightly dysfunctional family, which you can only laugh about!

I gave in my last essay (of 2014) in on my final day in London so decided to host a dinner party for some of my (old) uni friends. A festive dinner party at that…

Santa chimney hat

I was rather pleased that I sneakily managed to feed my friends and entirely paleo meal and a gluten free dessert (complete with hidden veggies) and nobody noticed. In fact, they still don’t know. Victory!

banana cakeBefore I poured sticky sauce all over the top… Yum.

The next day I then proceeded to travel home complete with one giant rucksack of clothes, one wheelie suitcase of textbooks and running shoes (priorities) and my mini rucksack with my laptop. Elegant it was not.


To continue on the photos of me looking like an idiot theme, when I got home I rediscovered my epic Christmas jumper from last year (second prize at the work Christmas party last year thank you very much). How do I look?

christmas jumper

Having completed the Christmas shop in said jumper (I ditched the baubles and fairy lights…) it was time to get baking!! It was so nice to have a bit of an escape from studying and get back to my favourite form of therapy. Each year I make Nigella Lawson’s chocolate log and this year was no different. It’s SO good.

chocolate log

And I even made paleo mince pies complete with homemade mincemeat! These were so stressful (darn pastry) but I must say I was pretty chuffed with the result. (I used this recipe)

paleo mince pies

Combine that with our beaut of a Christmas tree and I was feeling pretty festive come Christmas Day!

christmas day

Each year I go for a Christmas Day run, and each year I try to drag my dad along, this time to success! We went for the run/jog/walk option and it was such a beautiful day, I felt so lucky to run with my dad especially since I figured I can run by myself any day of the week but running with my dad? That is rare. Trust me.

christmas day run

christmas day run 2

It’s been so lovely to be so relaxed about the Christmas festivities this year. Not once have I stressed about what I’ve eaten, how much I’m exercising or what my body looks like (well, only very briefly on that one). Instead, I’ve just been able to enjoy time with family and catching up with old friends. This is the first time that I can remember being so calm over such things this time of year which is a huge deal for me! And what’s more, because I’ve been so calm about things I haven’t crazily eaten all the things and I’ve been able to keep up exercising when I want to, and sleeping when I need to. Finally!

Even with the mountain of work, it’s been a very merry Christmas indeed. Plus, getting up early to study isn’t quite so bad when you’ve got this beautiful sunrise to watch…

sunrise herefordshire

How was your Christmas? Have you still been busy over the festive season or did you manage to get some time off?


16 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas

  1. Mmm that Yule log looks amazing! I made a swiss roll once at school, in Home Ec, and it was so stressful (will it roll? will it crack…. etct) that I have never attempted one since.
    I think that the marketed/ media version of Christmas is a real stuff-fest, but in fact it is totally possible to enjoy yourself, have a few treats but not come out the other side feeling like you have eaten a truck load of chocolate or whatever.

    • Haha I go for exciting over stressful! Surprisingly mine always tends to be okay, I think using the parchment paper underneath it helps so much.
      Oh exactly, it’s so important to see past all the commercial stuff (as with everything in life come to think of it) and just enjoy the real bit, the whole reason why we are celebrating after all.

  2. I’m sorry I caused you all that stress with the mince pie pastry recipe. I’ve been adding a touch of tapioca starch to my recent pastry which seems to help, I guess practice makes perfect! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and congrats on serving everyone up healthy food without them realising. Your log looks stunning!!

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