A Christmas Tree, Old Friends & Songs on Repeat

With deadlines looming ever closer (I had my first one yesterday, phewph) I’m finding myself appreciating my down time so much more. I’m working on turning off my laptop at 9pm each night to give my brain some ‘switch off’ time before heading off to sleep… And sadly I’ve also been saying no to social events way too much lately – I’m hoping to be more fun next year! But it does mean that my stress levels are lower and I’m able to work more efficiently, and right now that’s my priority.

As a consequence of all this, I am loving seeing my friends when I do get the chance! After all, with no social time we’d all go a little crazy wouldn’t we?


This weekend a couple of old schoolfriends and my housemate’s sister came to stay (on separate nights, our flat’s not that big…) and it was a blast. Cue a huge catch-up on Friday night over dinner and a rather glorious glass of Malbec… And then working like hell on Saturday so that I could do fun stuff in the evening like decorate our Christmas tree… (No, it is not too early.)

Christmas Tree

Fuelled by mulled wine of course. Did you know Sainsbury’s does ready made mulled wine?! Admittedly it is rather sweet but go half and half with some normal wine and there’s some lazy girl perfection.

Mulled wineOkay I admit, I hadn’t finished working at this point…

Other things that have been picking me up this week include my (rather limited) study soundtrack. Let’s just say I’ve preeeetty much had this song on repeat the last few weeks… It just seems to make me so happy!

Speaking of happy (smooth transition right there), on Saturday night Pharrell’s Happy came on and it reminded me of this sweet little video of Buenos Aires… It just makes the city look so good and captures it all pretty well I think. Plus parts of it were filmed pretty near to where I used to live.

What’s been making you happy lately? Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet?


8 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree, Old Friends & Songs on Repeat

  1. Trust me if I could have my tree up already I would! My parents’ tradition is the last possible weekend before Christmas, no arguments. No idea why. Seriously love the mulled wine tip – the pre-made ones are always too sweet (and, uh… weak!)

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