A Great British Sunrise at Duck & Waffle

On Sunday morning I rose bright and early at 6am to go and meet some of my old uni rowing friends for a rather special breakfast… To watch the sunrise over London from Duck & Waffle, the highest restaurant in the UK on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, bang in the middle of the City.

Arriving rather impressively on time for a Sunday morning (thanks to rowing for that one) coffee were definitely the order of the day as we waited for the other girls to arrive, looking down onto the dots of London below…

photo 1 (36)

photo 2 (35)

Duck & Waffle

We swiftly realised, however, that perhaps we weren’t going to be in for the dream of a sunrise that we had hoped for… This is Britain after all and if this country does one thing extremely well, it is rain, and rain it sure did…

Still, the food and the company were both rather bloody lovely… Han and I went half and half so we could try more (obviously).

Duck and Waffle

Because why on earth wouldn’t you order the duck and waffle at Duck & Waffle? Complete with plenty of yolk and mustard maple syrup action this was the BOMB. Do it.

Banana waffle

Our ‘dessert’ was involved crispy banana, more waffle (duh), nutella, peanut bits and ice cream. Oh life is tough. Though I must say I did think that the duck one was just out of this world so this dish did have a heck of a hard act to follow.

photo 5Thanks to Jess for the photo!

The Gherkin

Even if the Great British weather did rather let us down this was still 100% the best way to start a Sunday morning. And yes I didn’t eat remotely paleo or even paleoish, and yes my tummy was sore afterwards and I didn’t feel so great and yes it was totally and utterly worth it 🙂

Where’s the best place you’ve had breakfast?


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