Sunday Sunshine

London’s been looking a bit grey this week and things have been a bit serious on the blog lately so what better way to brighten things up this Sunday with a little bit of sunshine? There’s been plenty of delicious, hilarious and random happenings round these parts recently…

Delicious like Gina’s AMAZING almond butter chocolate lava cake (pretty much paleo), I cannot describe to you how good this is, so you best go make it.

Paleo chocolate lava cake

There’s been some much needed respite too, particularly in the form of films like Footloose 🙂 and, yes, I did spend the whole next day listening to the soundtrack. How did you know?


Insanely delicious dinner dates, including with the fabulous Cat at Hawksmoor where I tried my first ever bone marrow! Verdict – tastes good but don’t think too much about what it is! I guess I’m a bit of a wuss like that.

photo 4 (25)

photo 1 (33)

photo 3 (28)

I have been cooking at home too I promise! Mainly quick and easy meals since time is of the essence at the moment – hello three essays (13,000 words) due in before Christmas *gulp*.

photo 3 (29)

Which calls for study time green tea therapy, in my new favourite coffee shop in Angel… I love it when tea comes with a proper timer!

photo 5 (21)

green tea

There’s also been plenty of laughing at my own stupidity. Like the time when I was sat on the sofa and noticed a slightly wet feeling ‘down there’… Cue a panic that I had become incontinent at the age of 23. Followed by the realisation that my water bottle had leaked all over my seat… Or a couple of days ago when I heard clunky footsteps following me home (in the dark I hasten to add), so I sped up, as did they. It wasn’t till I reached my building and took off my bag to find my keys that I realised that the clunking was in fact my tupperware rattling inside my rucksack. Oops.

More on the deliciousness side of things, this week I received my first order from Perfectly Paleo! So. Excited. I’ll do a post sometime soon on all the goodies inside…

photo 4 (26)

AND, the highlight of my week? Finding out that one of my best friends is coming home from Australia for Christmas!! YAY.

What’s been lighting up your days lately?


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