Seeking sunshine

Well then… This past week has been an amalgamation of stressful/scary/exhausting/a bit bonkers. Last Tuesday I had to rush home for a family emergency and so have been so and fro between London and ‘home home’, and will be again this week. It does, thankfully, seem that things are now calming down which is a huge relief.

There seems to be something about when life gets a little dark that forces you to see any glimpse of light in your day… You find yourself seeking sunshine, it can be the simplest things that can lift your spirit. For me this week it’s been the kindness of strangers and the simple beauty of nature that have been my salvation.

Be it cheerful people joking around in a coffee shop on a freezing cold afternoon bringing a little warmth into your day…

…or a beautiful sunrise on a 5.30am train back to London…

Train Sunrise‘Scuse the slightly dodge train window photo

Perhaps it’s a moment of calm at Paddington station where you felt at peace for the first time all week, plus the red cups were out. Oh hello toffee nut soya cappuccino…

red cup starbucks

Sometimes it’s the really small stuff, like a bus driver actually being properly appreciative that you let him out into the traffic jam…

…or the really delicious stuff like you dad making gluten-free pizza at the end of a long, long day… (Especially sweet coming from my bread loving father!!)

pizzaPizza topped with kale = balance?

And sometimes, it’s a beautiful Sunday morning walk before getting the train back to London where you have just half an hour to breathe and revel in the world around you…

herefordshire apples

autumn berries

I’m linking up with Katie today for a little bit of marvelous…


How do you seek sunshine when life gets a little rough?


4 thoughts on “Seeking sunshine

  1. Oh that’s too sweet of your dad – I love the kale addition too! Hope things start looking up this week xx

    PS just begun making my way through all of the red cups – I’m trying to limit myself to one per week but its so very hard!

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