Putting your mind where your mouth is

This post stemmed out of a conversation with Lauren and had to be blogged about. We both have quite different ways of eating, yet they both seem to make us pretty happy and feel good. Is one way better than the other? Absolutely not. I 100% believe that there is no ‘hierarchy’ of diets. But, naturally, this got me wondering… Why do we both get on so well with diets that are so different? Yes, we have different bodies so that could be part of it, different bodies react differently to foods. Perhaps there is something else involved? Perhaps it is our mental attitude and our thoughts about the way we eat. Our mind and bodies are linked in so many ways, why not via food too?

I believe that eating a diet generally higher in animal protein and ‘good’ fats is best for my body. Consequently, my body seems to react well to this. In fact, lately it’s been feeling the best in bloody ages. Other people may choose not to eat animal protein or animal products as, for example, it may not be something they feel comfortable with. But they may still find that their body reacts well to this. Why so? Well maybe it’s that conscious decision and belief that this is the right thing to do. If you’re happy about what you are consuming, surely that will then make your body happy too? If I believe that something is right for my body, then perhaps it will be…


This conscious decision can also be beneficial when choosing to eat a slightly less healthy treat. When it is an active decision there is no guilt, just the pure pleasure (and deliciousness) that that treat brings. Yet, when it is made without control and without a conscious decision, perhaps as part of a binge or being so hungry that you’ll just about eat anything (been there) then those feelings of guilt and regret pop up.



One thought on “Putting your mind where your mouth is

  1. Really interesting! I hadn’t thought about it consciously (ironically), but I do think our body follows where our mind goes – like, if I eat things I wouldn’t normally eat on holiday. Because I don’t stress about how I eat when I’m on holiday or whatever, I feel like my body responds better to it. Does that make sense?!

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