It’s been a year

This month my little blog celebrated it’s first birthday!


It’s funny, when you think about it a year can either seem like no time at all or all the time in the world, and to me it kind of feels like both. When I look back at the past 12 months I can’t believe how much has happened it what doesn’t seem like a great deal of time…

I finished up my volunteer work back home in Hereford, then moved to a whole other frigging continent where I didn’t reallyyyyy speak the language nor know a single sole for 6 months and completely fell in love with what became my home there. I grew in confidence both in my ability to speak the language and in life itself as the city helped me grow. I started CrossFit and couldn’t get enough! I moved back to Hereford to a brand new house, again. I did a Whole 30, and explored London and Brighton. Then just as I was starting to feel a bit stuck again it was time to move to London to yet another new home and start the degree that I am loving so much. Oh, and I ran my first race.

Phewph, this little space has been through rather a lot hasn’t it! Apart from the physical change, I am so proud with the mental change too. Finally it feels as though I have found my blogging voice, so to speak. I am able to be open here and 100% myself. When I look back at my first posts I see awkward me, wanting to speak out but not quite sure how… But now I am fully here! And, hopefully, here to stay 🙂

Bloggers, what have you learnt from your time blogging so far? 


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