Learning to be a student, once again

As you’ve probably noticed, unless you’re new around these parts (welcome), I’ve recently moved to London and started a postgrad degree in Human Rights. Round two of being a student is definitely very different from the first time. Here’s why…

  • The most obvious difference is that I am studying something that I am truly passionate about. Although I enjoyed much of my undergrad degree (Economics) I feel that I am now following a much more clear cut path which will hopefully support me in my future career. Finally knowing the field that I want to go into is incredibly reassuring. Imagine driving a car with no set destination compared to setting out with a route plan and an end point… That is me now.


  • I am treating it like a job. Get up, workout, shower, breakfast, lectures, seminar, study, home, dinner/perhaps a social event. When I was younger I despised the idea of having a ‘set routine’ as, being a typical teenager, I thought it was boring. But it feels so good!
  • Speaking of social events, the biggest personal change for me has been the way in which I socialise. So often I feel “it’s the weekend, I must be going out, I must do doing all the things with all the people and I must be doing it now”. When, typically, I don’t actually want to be doing this at all, it’s just what I feel I’m meant to do because I’m young, and in a city, and that’s what people like that do. I much prefer to see friends in smaller numbers, go for dinners, perhaps some drinks, or sometimes just be (or sleep…). So what if some people might class that as boring? Just because it’s the weekend it doesn’t mean I have to do ‘weekend’ specific things. It’s just a case of bashing out the ‘should’ voice, stopping comparing myself to other people and letting the ‘want’ voice win.


  • I am managing stress much more effectively. When I find myself starting to get overwhelmed with work and study (yes this has already happened) I am now able to take a step back and reflect. Is this really the be all and end all? Or should I cut myself some slack and take a bit of a breather? My health is the most important thing.

How has your lifestyle changed? What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Learning to be a student, once again

  1. Why did I leave when you just arrived? I so know what you mean about feeling like you “should” be out and about because you are young and in the city. I love doing a bit of both and honestly sometimes prefer chilling with the low key nights 🙂
    So happy you are settling in and loving your course! Will reply to your email soon – little b to the busy over here xx

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