Planned Intuitive Living

It seems only right to follow on from Friday’s review of my Whole 30 experience with an outline of my plan for the future and where I intend to go from here. I mentioned my ideas briefly but wanted to go into a bit more detail…

I know that paleo eating is what my body enjoys the most and, to be quite honest, gives me the body that I enjoy the most too! But I also know that fitting my eating into one single category is not healthy for my mind. Doing so makes me feel restricted and constrained in my food choices… Even when still eating wholesome, real foods, if they’re not strict paleo I end up feeling guilty and this is something that I doΒ not want. Life is so much more than stressing about the food that is on my plate thank you very much.

So, instead I intend to go down the path of ‘paleoish with Pip modifications’ as I mentioned on Friday i.e. mainly paleo foods but without constraint if I am wanting something different, think 80/20 style! (I do hope this is making sense…) And I intend to do this in the form of a type of planned intuitive eating. What is this you ask? Each day I roughly plan out what I am going to eat in my head (hence the planned) but this often gets adapted throughout the day depending on whether I am more/less hungry than anticipated or craving something specific (hence the intuitive). This is pretty much what I do anyway, I’m just confirming to myself that it is a good idea!

This form of planned intuitiveness can then be tied into my exercise as well – hence the planned intuitive living! Each week I roughly plan out my workouts in my head (I don’t like writing things down!) which I usually stick to but I am also free to adapt it if I find myself struggling with tiredness or feeling a bit run down. Or even just because life gets in the way sometimes πŸ™‚

So there you have it, roughly planned living and avoiding slotting myself into any specific box!

A prime example of this would be the marvelous day I had on Thursday. I chose some freestyle yoga over my morning run because I felt like that was what my body wanted… Then that evening I had a delicious dinner cooked by my lovely cousin and her husband which wasn’t paleo but it wasΒ real whole food which was just perfect…

photo 1 (29) Gorgeously crispy tofuphoto 2 (29)Auberginephoto 3 (26)Broccoli cooked with sesame seedsphoto 4 (23) photo 5 (18)“Homemade yolos” from the Oh She Glows cookbook (amazing surprise present!) dippled in melted chocolate… the best dessert? I believe so.


Do you follow a specific eating plan/way of eating? Or are you just trying to go with the flow (like I am!)?


8 thoughts on “Planned Intuitive Living

  1. I would say I typically eat a 90/10 paleo lifestyle but right now am making more of an effort to eat 95% Whole 30. Just want to get back to basics for a few weeks as I’ve been enjoying too many paleofied treats and snacks instead of three square meals a day. So far I’ve been feeling good but this past weekend definitely indulged a bit while on vacation. Hence the 95% Whole30 πŸ™‚

  2. While the whole idea of planned and intuitive are contradictory, I’m sure you’ll make it work for you. If you put in place measures to ensure you don’t feel guilty when you stray from the plan or overindulge, you’ll be fine.

    I don’t really follow any plan other than to eat as many delicious and nutrient dense foods as possible. Sometimes I eat just delicious ones too.

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