The FINAL Whole 30 Recap – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Over one month later (oops, where did September go?) I am finally writing my last Whole 30 recap! Sorry about that one, life got in the way as it so often does. Which is sort of appropriate as that kind of sums up my thoughts on the Whole 30 lifestyle…. First though, let’s look at the positives.

The Good…

For me, the biggest change from my Whole 30 (and one that I have tried to keep up with after) is ditching my fear of fat. New motto – fat makes you phat. Thanks to someone on instagram, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten who, for that one! From increasing my healthy fat intake I really noticed great improvements in my satiety levels as well as my skin. Now, I don’t suffer from particularly bad skin at all but it does sometimes get a bit dry on my face. The more fat I eat, the less dry skin I have. Simples. So that was a real positive.


I lost weight. This wasn’t my main drive behind doing a Whole 30 but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was thinking of it. I’ve always struggled with the ‘stubborn fat’ around my middle (stomach and hips) area and I definitely slimmed down here, an added bonus.

I slept better. No more nights of tossing and turning waiting to fall asleep, I was out like a light. This was absolutely joyous.

I confirmed that I have dramatically improved my emotional relationship with food in the past year and a half. Back then, this would have been impossible, so that was pleasing to see.

I was able to roughly analyse my reactions to various food groups. I say roughly as IBS means that my stomach reacts for all sorts of reasons (stress, etc.) so it can be hard to tell sometimes if it’s the food or my head (!) that is the issue. Dairy seemed to be fine, although it wasn’t as exciting as it used to be. Bar ice cream, ice cream is always exciting. Gluten was not so good, I was in pain. Gluten and I are no longer friends. Non-gluten grains were hard to judge. And I didn’t really introduce legumes as I’m not a fan from past experiences which makes me think my body isn’t really a fan! Although I won’t say no to the occasional pnb…

Ultimately, the fact that I did it! I’m stubborn like that 😉

The Bad…

I’ll come straight on out with it – my mental state. I found Whole 30 to be incredibly restrictive mentally, which brought back some of my old obsessions with food, this was not fun. To me, food is a joy, a pleasure, literally a source of life, not something I want to be fretting over 24/7. There’s far more to life than that thank you.

So while I do agree that strict paleo style eating is great for your body, and my body at that, it isn’t so great for my mind. Not if done 24/7 at least. Though I must acknowledge at this point that it works great for some people which is totally awesome but this was all about finding out what works best for me.

It seems that I am back at square one… I wrote in my initial Whole 30 post that I have been eating paleo with ‘Pip modifications’ and guess what I’ve been doing post Whole 30? Yup! Seems I had it right all along. I like to be able to eat with friends and not stress about how I’ll find something I’m ‘allowed’ to eat (although I am still the fussy one, that’s not going to change!). I like to eat some dairy now and again. And some oats. I like being able to sub in rice flour or the like when I’ve run out of coconut flour (or can’t afford it…). These things keep me calm and happy and that happiness totally overules having a little bit of extra love on my tummy. Besides, it’s 99% real food and I’m pretty proud of that.


The Ugly…

Sadly I don’t really have any proper ugly to report, I just like that catchy title. Other than the fact that my new term for my eating would be ‘paleoish’ which doesn’t sound too great…? #uglyfail

Have you ever done a Whole 30? What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “The FINAL Whole 30 Recap – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. One of the biggest reasons I won’t “officially” do a Whole 30 thing is because I think I’d become far too obsessed with food and what I was “allowed” to eat, and that’s no good for me.
    I think figuring out what works for us individually is hugely important (I feel better when I eat a ton of vegetables, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone) because diet is not a one-size fits all.

  2. (My previous comment cut off early!) I meant to go on.. It’s great to hear that the Whole30 worked so well for you, I found doing 21DSD was great because it taught me how to cook and how to eat (though I conveniently forget most of that when confronted with a delicious sweet thing now haha!). I’m paleoish too, I don’t freak out if I eat rice every so often or the odd non-paleo treat now and then but paleo works best with me and my allergies.

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