{WIAW} Sunday brunch and a creamy chocolate pudding smoothie recipe

Well there’s a catchy post title! I had planned to post my final Whole 30 recap today buuuuuut I haven’t written it. Hey, you’ve been waiting long enough, what’s a few more days?

Instead I am sleepily sharing my Sunday with you, as well as the most simple but delicious smoothie I made yesterday. How’s that for a compromise? Grad school tiredness has hit full force as I write this and it’s only Tuesday of week 1… The amount of work that looms ahead of me feels a little overwhelming but the excitement that I feel is spurring me on, I know this is the right path for me at this moment in time and that is incredibly reassuring. Besides, the people on this course are so inspiring it’s all 100% worth it. So a tired happy Pip you have, who apparently now talks in the third person. Focus. Sunday.

After a gloriously sunny run in Hyde Park this weekend (whoever said it’s autumn is lying, summer is back with vengeance) my friend and I headed over to WIld Food Café for a slightly less sweaty catch-up off the recommendation of this lovely lady. Oh wow, this raw vegan haven certainly did not dissapoint. This was a brunch of epic proportions. You know that feeling of complete contentment that can only come from being full of nourishing foods? And brilliant company of course 😉 but full we were indeed…

Dithering between various dishes on the menu/wanting to order everything in our post run hunger we opted to get two dishes and share them – genius I know.

Super saladI quote “a bed of organic lamb lettuce and wild rocket topped with amaranth, courghetti spaghetti, hijiki seaweed, slices of artichoke hearts & avocado, cucumber & red pepper cubes, finished off with coriander, rocket & parsely pesto, mango salsa, activated savory seeds flavoured with leafy greens and spices, and marinated shiitake mushrooms” aka fresh delicious goodness!

But the real crowd pleaser was this little beauty below…

Wild pizza

An incredible, fresh pizza of raw, dairy-free young coconut cheeze, wild sea purslane & basil pesto, raw cultured tomato & goji berry marinara, Turkish olives, artichoke hearts, avocado.

Sweet potato wedges

Plus sweet potato wedges and guacamole because who wouldn’t order those?

Raw cake

Raw chocolate and berry tart and an early grey cream tart, both glorious.

And both of us? Two rather stuffed (and still slightly sweaty if I’m honest) but very happy campers.

Obviously I’m linking up with Jenn for today’s post! Head on over to stalk everyone else’s eats this week.

WIAW button

Finally I have this quick little recipe to share with you that I whipped up yesterday for a post uni snack. It is so simple yet too delicious not to share. I firmly believe that every blog should have it’s own variation on the infamous chocolate avocado pudding, so here’s mine.

Creamy chocolate pudding smoothie

Serves 1

1 banana

1/2 a good sized, ripe avocado

1 tablespoon quality cocoa powder

3-4 pitted dates

A slosh of water

Simply pop everything into a blender and add sufficient water so that everything combines and then a little more (you still want it to be creamy but not tooooo thick). Pour into a bowl, grab a spoon and enjoy! Not a pudding as such but not quite a smoothie either. I add some granola to mine as topping.

creamy chocolate pudding smoothie

What’s your favourite brunch spot? Do you go out to meals sweaty like me or are you classier than that?!


10 thoughts on “{WIAW} Sunday brunch and a creamy chocolate pudding smoothie recipe

  1. That pudding looks amazing. Great shout. Also, I can’t believe you had pudding after brunch, this is the single most wonderful thing i’ve heard in ages, it sounds and looks delicious….you’ll have to take me there please. Love you x x x

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