{MIMM} Abergavenny Food Festival

Last Sunday my friends from work and I took a trip to the Abergavenny Food Festival – bare in mind I work in events catering so as a bunch of foodies at a food festival we were in heaven.

The day started out in good spirits as we cracked upon a bottle of bucks fizz on the train in the morning – the best way to start a Sunday 😉

Abergavenny Food  Festival

Bucks FizzOut of plastic cups because we like to be classy like that

We were so lucky in that it was such a beautiful day… we wandered around from stall to stall eyeing up all the goodies on display. It was mostly food to ‘eat now’ as opposed to take home so there was a lot of eating with my eyes involved!

Abergavenny Food Festival BakerySo pretty!

I enjoyed the most glorious salted beef sandwich for lunch… not too heavy, not too much stodge but just right!

Salted beef sandwich

With a side of prosecco because, why wouldn’t you?

ProseccoDon’t worry, I didn’t drink the whole bottle! I’m far too much of a lightweight these days for that!

The stalls were dotted around the town in different sections and along the streets so you really got to see the best of Abergavenny, including the castle and beautiful views of the Welsh mountains.

Abergavenny Castle

Abergavenny Food Festival StreetsBusy streets!

And we discovered the most incredible bar, I mean just what?! Prosecco on tap!!

Prosecco on tap

Although I couldn’t resist the frozen margarita…

Frozen margarita

An awesome, or perhaps marvelous, day with plenty of treats, including some unphotographed sheeps milk ice cream and some cake! Heaven. Although it did end with a bit of drama when all the trains home were cancelled due to a train being stuck on the tracks, cue a very long taxi ride home!


Have you ever been to a food festival?


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