I’m baaaaaaaaack and a belated Brighton recap

Guess who’s back, back again, Pip’s back, tell a friend… I digress. So my accidental blogging break ended up being rather a long one… Truth it, I had no desire to write whatsoever and was stuck in a bit of an anxious hole. But I’m working on that and am finally starting to feel like me again which feels amazing. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can help balance out the roller coaster that is life.

So here I am, taking it a day at a time and breathing happy. Speaking of taking it a day at a time – today is my enrolment day at grad school – wish me luck! (I always think these things are scarier than they are!)

Now then, Brighton. Aka my 24 hour summer holiday 😉 admittedly this is a little late as dad and I took this trip a good couple of weeks ago but who doesn’t love a holiday photo dump first thing on a Friday morning?

Iydea BrightonWe arrived about lunchtime and randomly one of the first places we saw was Foodilic, as per Laura’s recommendation (thank you!)! So naturally, we dived straight in. Their self-service salad buffet is divine.

Brighton PierBrighton Pier

BrightonView from the Pier

2014-09-09 15.47.27Happy camper

Brighton Seaside

We spent the afternoon wandering around Brighton, the Laines, popping in and out of shops – including Infinity Foods (obviously), stopping for ice cream, walking along the pier, and flopping on the beach… It was tough, real tough.

Then, after all that stress, we headed to our apartment to recover with a bottle of prosecco… #wheninbrighton And yes, I did say apartment. We found this beautiful little place via AirBnb and it was just perfect – centrally located, stunning high ceilings and a massive window making it really light and airy. Happy days.

airbnb Brighton

We then had a stunning walk to find a restaurant for dinner…

Brighton sunset

…which wasn’t so stunning. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant (shows how good it was…) but for what was meant to be a special fish supper on holiday it was very expensive and the service was slower than a snail. On a positive note I tried lobster for the first time! Even if it did arrive cold and I had to send it back to be heated up…


The entire meal took 2 hours for 2 courses, the manager ended up giving us our desserts for free as an apology. Mine was a pannacotta which was sadly a bit meh. Still, besides all this we did have fun I promise!

Pannacotta Brighton

On a bright(on)er note…

Brighton MorningPre breakfast seaside stroll

Breakfast the next day rocked! Thanks to Christina for the recommendation – we popped to Iydea which was literally round the corner from our apartment for some delicious homemade granola…

Iydea Brighton granola

And then went for a walk through the park to the Brighton museum which had an amazing exhibit on WWI – well worth a visit, it was incredibly thought provoking.

Brighton Pavilion

And then we just had time for a great coffee and cake at Full City Coffee House before heading back home…

Small Batch Coffee

Small Batch Coffee CakeThis was INSANE – gluten free and so so so good

All in all a great trip! Who needs to go abroad? (Me me me!! I joke. Kind of…)

Have you been to Brighton? What great trips have you made within your country lately?


15 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaack and a belated Brighton recap

  1. Good luck for today Pip! Hope it goes amazingly! I’ve been a bit off blogging recently due to being a bit anxious and stressed, I really struggle to write when I feel like that.
    Your trip to Brighton looks a-mazing! Sunshine, amazing food, ice cream – yes please! Though that dinner sounds like a challenge, still free dessert kind of makes up for it!

    • Yes I’m exactly the same and always feel that any attempt to be all cheery on here would just seem false but I don’t want to whine at the same time!! Catch 22.
      Brighton was incredible, am hoping to be able to take some day trips from London when I need an escape 🙂

  2. And she is back with a bang! Loved this post lady, made smile to see you so happy! Good to see you back sunshine 🙂
    All those eats look amazing and you look super cute in that photo. I am glad you had a nice little break with your Pop 🙂 xx

  3. I love your pictures! Makes me want to hop on a train to Brighton this second! I still haven’t been to Foodilic OR Idea (I know!) but mean to visit them each time I go. Oh and isn’t AirBnb the best thing ever? I used it when I went to Manchester and couldn’t fault the place!

  4. I love Brighton! I go there a few times a year as trains go directly through London and down. Iydea is such a great place- think last time I was there it was cold and I had an almond hot chocolate which was like drinking marzipan- so good!
    What gorgeous weather you had too!

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