A night at the theatre

This past Monday my dad and I drove up to London with a car crammed full of all my belongings to move it into my new flat! And, yes, I still managed to forget rather a lot… Yet another reason why I should follow Meghan’s lead and make more lists.. Oops.

This next chapter of my life is all starting to feel terrifyingly real yet surreal at the same time…


Anyhow, that evening we did the West End proud in the form of dinner and a show…

It started out with a heavenly glass of argentine malbec at The Spice Market (as if I drink any other red now… yup, still pining for Argentina)


The Spice Market was actually a completely accidental find, we were just strolling past on the look out for somewhere to eat and it caught my eye. Set slightly down from street level it felt like a little hidden world away from the hustle and bustle of near by Leicester Square.

The Spice MarketI think I need to work on my awkward restaurant photography skills… Lovely pillar isn’t it?

The menu was extensive and varied with something to suit every pallet. I opted for the grilled rib eye with boy choy, garlic and sesame. Oh my, it was heaven on a plate. We also split a side of coconut rice which was lovely although a bit on the crunchy side in my opinion.

Rib Eye Spice Market

Coconut Rice Spice Kitchen

Then, it was theatre time. The show of choice? Miss Saigon. My dad had seen it before way back when but it was a total new one for me.

Miss Saigon

For those of you who don’t know, it is a musical set during the Vietnam War and follows the story of a young Vietnamese woman who falls in love with an American soldier after fleeing to the city, following the loss of her family. If I were to criticise I would say that the first half went on a little long and could have cut to the point a little more quickly. Yet, the second half more than made up for it. And the set was just incredible, I mean there’s a helicopter scene – need I say more?

It’s the message of the performance that makes it so special. I believe that it manages to tell the story pretty equally from both halves – the Vietnamese and the Americans. A story of love, loss, desperation and hope. Hope of a better life and an escape from the struggle of living in a war zone… The hope that many Vietnamese women found in the American soldiers and the hope of the American dream… You have to see it for yourself!

After the performance, we went to what I would have to describe as heaven on earth. During the interval I had spotted a glorious sight from the theatre’s balcony…

The Pudding Bar

The Pudding Bar. Oh yes. All they serve is pudding and wine. What more do you need?

My dessert of choice was the glorious triple chocolate délice (which came with burnt caramel ice cream… I die…) and a side of a dessert wine that I’ve forgotten the name of… This may well be my new favourite place in London!

The Pudding Bar Chocolate

A pretty sweet ending to the night I must say! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Have you ever seen Miss Saigon? Would you like to go to a pudding bar?!


15 thoughts on “A night at the theatre

  1. Oh my goodness, that little leaf thing stuffed with pudding is screaming at my through my phone. I hope you enjoyed every morsel of it, because I would have ninajed that bad boy off your plate if I was your dinner date! Happy Friday beautiful, enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. Sounds like an amazing night! Malbec is the only wine I like 🙂 and I used to adore going to the theatre – haven’t been in way too long x

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