Where’s your happy place?

It’s no secret that I like to move around a lot. I’ve lived in 5 houses in the past 2 years, soon to be 6. I’m a travel addict, any opportunity for an adventure and I’m there. But all this moving around can be tricky. I need a base. A stable place that I can come back to to clear my head and feel settled. It’s great to have escapism, I can run, workout, read, whatever but sometimes I need a physical place. That’s where my happy place comes in. Whenever I am somewhere for more than a few months I find that I am naturally drawn to a certain place. A place where I can go and let it all go, think about everything, think about nothing, just be…

Buenos Aires – My Rooftop

Buenos Aires Rooftop

The rooftop of my apartment building was just insane. We lived on the top floor so just one flight of stairs and I was there. There was space for me to workout, practice my handstands, hang out with friends or just sit on the wall and look out over the city. There is something so magical about being able to look over a city as beautifully crazy as Buenos Aires, feel the energy running through you, feeling like a part of it but also like you are overlooking it, looking in from above…

Buenos Aires ParksLooking towards the park where I ran with the river and Uruguay beyond

Hereford – My Room

(Source – this isn’t my actual room! It felt a little weird putting a photo of it on here!)

Such a cliché but my place at home is my room. It’s the ultimate hideaway, a light and airy room, clutter free (SUCH a bonus when you’re still kind of moving house, trust me), the world’s comfiest bed and a sheepskin rug on the wooden floor for added cosiness. It’s somewhere I can escape to and just shut the world away, something I often need to do when figuring out how to live a life in transition again. And to plan the next adventure 😉

London – …


Who knows! But I know I’ll find one, and that’s reassuring. Stay tuned…

Do you have a happy place? Where do you escape to?


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