Sometimes we all need a bit of escapism. My current escapism of choice? Sex and the City. Yup. It probably would have made a bit more sense to have called this post ‘my top three favourite Sex and the City moments’… But I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that. Besides, they all link back to the same thing. Love. Doesn’t everything? Bare with me to see what I mean. I’ve added a little bit of back story incase you’re not quite the addict I am…!

1. When Smith shaves his head for Samantha

Background: Samantha is a total commitment phobe and Smith is her first proper boyfriend we see in the show. She has cancer and won’t let anyone in to see her true emotions…until Smith, and this scene.

2. When the girls clear out Carrie’s apartment of 20 odd years together. Plus, I love this song. Guilty as charged.

Background: Carrie is finally moving in with Big and out of her iconic (in SATC at least!) apartment

3. When Carrie runs across New York on New Year’s Eve to be with Miranda so that she isn’t alone. Oh, and she does so in pjs, heels and a fur coat. Naturally.

Background: both Carrie and Miranda are recently single and heartbroken on NYE

So, it got me thinking. Why do I love these moments so much? Why do I get that same happy feeling each and every time I watch them? The more I thought, the more the same word kept popping up in my head. Love. Each of these scenes shows an act of great love. It doesn’t always have to be the grand, sweeping romantic gesture kind of love. It can be the quiet, I will always be there sort. And isn’t that the kind that’s most important anyway?

Love between couples, between groups of friends, girlfriends, guyfriends, new friends, old friends, family or even an act of kindness from a total stranger. Love that is there when we least expect it, when you need it the most. To pick you up off the ground and carry (‘scuse the pun) you on. That’s my kind of love.

Have you had a moment when a loved one has surprised you by being there when you least expect it? Are you a SATC fan like me?! 


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