A London Escape

It felt a little strange coming up with that little seeing as at the end of this month London will be my new home! So scarily exciting. Anyhow, focus Pip. 

The other week I was able to grab a couple of days to head over to London for a little bit of a break. I needed to get away from home for a bit as, you know, cabin fever, and was desperate to catch up with some of my wonderful London friends. It ended up being the perfect combination of food and coffee dates with some of my favourite people, as well as a bit of ‘me time’.

It started out with a 4.5 hour coach journey and plenty of snacks for the coming days…

Whole 30 TravelI felt very smug eating my chicken salad as the guy sat opposite me got his MacDonald’s kicked off the bus by the driver ‘due to the smell’!

In fact, the coach journey wasn’t that bad at all. It was nice to be forced to sit back, relax and quite literally do nothing for a while. I think I may have alarmed the girl next to me with my wobbly head when dozing, it always looks like it’s going to fall off! Plus, the scenery was pretty beautiful too, seeing everybody going about their Sunday afternoon activities – lunch, cricket, walks, cycling, shopping… England can be pretty stunning. Well, until you get to the M4.

When I arrived in London I headed South to meet my beautiful friend Hannah, my old housemate from uni, who I haven’t seen in almost A YEAR. Too long. Her and her boyfriend were kind enough to let me kip on their incredibly comfortable sofa bed for a couple of nights. 

For Sunday night dinner we put our culinary skills to the test and attempted to make dairy free (for me) cauliflower crust pizzas… Whilst they tasted deliciously I have to call them cauliflower soggy pizzas as the crust was definitely far from ‘crusty’!

Pizza Station

Cauliflower pizza

After a relaxing Monday morning in the flat, followed by an iced coffee nearby,  I headed over to West Hampstead to see another friend from uni for a coffee and a(nother) well overdue catch up! To my happy surprise the café served almond milk and so I gleefully ordered an almond milk decaf cappuccino, forgetting to ask for it without chocolate in my excitement… Not wanting to stress I scraped it off and it was all okay! Besides, look how pretty it was…

Almond milk cappuccino

After a good chatter we said our goodbyes (not for so long this time!) and I headed back to the tube to go to Kensington. This obviously means one thing. Wholefoods. The biggest in the UK. Sadly, I didn’t get there until gone 3pm and the Whole 30 lunch options were…dismal. The salad bar was the only viable option and so I ended up with a pile of overpriced veggies…


Disappointed. Not to be deterred, off I went to explore the store downstairs. (Store? I’ve gone American. But it does sound better than shop doesn’t it?). I’ll be honest, my main purchases were for post Whole 30…paleo cookies and raw chocolate for the win! Tomorrow I shall be busy having a date with my cookies. 

After Wholefoods I felt like…crap. Whole 30 whilst travelling can be rough and I ended up eating too much fruit and not enough protein which made me feel sick and out of it. So I hit Le Pain Quotidien across the street for a carrot juice pit stop…

Carrot juiceIt was lovely and all but I think it was the 2 sneaky spoonfuls of almond butter that really sorted me out 😉 Funnily enough, being there made me miss Buenos Aires all the more as the Le Pain Quotidien there was one of my favourite brunch spots!

The next day was MUCH better. Food wise that is. Well, let’s be honest, any day that starts out with coyo that you treated yourself to from Wholefoods is going to be a good day isn’t it?


Especially when it’s followed up by a coffee date with your best friend in the most glorious café that I have ever been to. They make their own almond milk. The best almond milk latte I have ever had. Hell, the best coffee I have ever had. I’m still dreaming about it.

almond milk latte

New Row CoffeeNew Row Coffee in rainy London. Seller of cups of heaven.

After that we explored Covent Garden and I satisfied my shopping cravings the cheap way – by encouraging my friend to buy…everything 😉

And that concludes my little London adventure! There shall be plenty more to come in the near future, I promise. 

Oh, and I was clever enough to stock up on protein before hitting the coach home… Lesson learnt people.

Eggs and salmon


Have you been to London? Are you a coffee fan?


6 thoughts on “A London Escape

  1. Sounds like an awesome trip – love your yummy healthy options for the bus too!
    Wholefoods let you down again? This is not cool, think we need to have a word! Coyo is so yummy, that breakfast looks fab!
    I hope you enjoy your cookies and choc tomorrow – very much deserved!

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