Whole 30 – Week 4 Recap – Nearly There!

Wow, this is my final weekly recap as on Wednesday I will finish my Whole 30! I’ve got lots of thoughts going round in my head right now about Whole 30 but I want to save most of those for my overall recap that will come after I’ve done the reintroduction phase so, for now, I shall try and keep this pretty brief.

Again, this week’s been tough. Last Saturday I started to feel pretty ill, run down and generally weak and pathetic. Not to mention my stomach was not happy. This continued most of the week (including my during my trip to London) so it hasn’t been the best!

I’ve also been struggling again with restrictive thoughts around Whole 30. My appetite was pretty big some days this week and so I, naturally, ate what I felt was rather a lot. Although it was 100% compliant foods the critique in me was angry that I didn’t just have three filling meals. On Thursday I even thought about quitting Whole 30 as my brain was driving me mad! But, I’m too stubborn not to finish 😉

So, yes, it’s been tricky. But I’m gradually learning not to be so hard on myself. Something this fabulous lady keeps reminding me to do and so I am trying to let the bad stuff allow me to see how truly great the good bits are. On that note, let’s look at the good bits shall we? Much more fun.

…I spent Sunday-Tuesday this week in London, catching up with my wonderful friends, exploring and seeing my new flat. I will recap it fully in another post soon (I wasn’t feeling up to it this week!) but it was a great couple of days. And I ate 100% compliant foods. Boom.

…Although I only worked out properly once this week it was a killer CrossFit class and we did some fun gymnastic moves. This is what I felt I looked like… 

But I think this is what I actually looked like… #oneday


…After a dodgy start to the week when my skin was crazy dry it has got SO much better and clearer. The dotty bits (!) on the backs of my arms are fading and those on my thighs have completely gone. 

…Apart from crazy stomach issues I feel like I have got smaller and more toned! Yay! (And I never say things like that!) In a pretty happy place with my body right now. It’s me, and that’s pretty damn awesome. 

…I totally bought paleo cookies and raw chocolate from Wholefoods for post Whole 30. Can. Not. Wait.

…Judging by the fact that I’ve actively been seeking out fat this week, the big fat fear seems to be fading! Progress.

…I’ve booked a night in Brighton for my dad and me in September! I’ve been wanting to go to Brighton for forever so naturally I’m super excited. Completely overexcited in fact. Although I don’t think that’s possible! And Cristina has been brilliant and already given me plenty of recommendations – let’s hope I’m hungry!


Wow, I feel better after just writing all of that down! It’s amazing what therapy writing can be. Now, onto the best bit. Food.

Paleo Kitchen Pulled PorkMy dad made me this glorious pulled pork from The Paleo Kitchen for when I got back from London. I couldn’t stop, it was just SO GOOD.

Paleo PorridgeDavida’s paleo porridge has been making a regular appearance around these parts. Can’t get enough. Especially when in my new pretty bowl from Scotland!

Snack PlateThe perfect lunchtime snack plate

Banana pancakesThis breakfast was just insanely good. And the figs made it even more so. A plate of heaven 🙂

Paleo fish and chipsFish and chips paleo style

SWYPOSometimes #SWYPO is necessary. Especially when ill and watching Sex and The City. (Ssssh don’t tell the SWYPO police!)

Almond smoothieThis smoothie was incredible. I didn’t blend it well enough so kept finding clumps of almond butter. Turns out impatience can be a virtue too 😉 delish. I swear this girl is the queen of smoothies. 

Sweet pot lunchThe ultimate meal – crispy kale, sweet potato ‘noodles’, chicken thighs, onion, tomato and tahini.

A delicious week indeed!

How do you seek out the positive? How was your week?


12 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Week 4 Recap – Nearly There!

  1. Oh boy, that last meal looks amazing Pip! I may have to try it out 🙂
    I felt really emotional when I finished 21DSD the first time, for a number of reasons. I felt pretty amazing about the way I looked for the first time and a bit embarrassed that it was so much better than usual – if that makes sense!
    Glad to hear your fat fear is getting thinner ;-). I don’t know about all the rules in Whole30 but I’m a bit believer that you should eat when you’re hungry, regardless if its five hours or fifty minutes after eating your last meal. With CrossFit and work etc you’re probably doing lots to make you hungry so don’t be hard on yourself for listening to what your body wants! I know three meals a day is the aim but it doesn’t work for every person and every schedule.
    Good luck for the final push!

    • Oh my gosh you have to, it was insanely delicious!
      Haha I’d say my fat fear is almost wasting away 😉
      Thank you so much for this comment, it meant so much to me when I read it the other day! I think I forget sometimes that when I’m at work I’m on my feet non-stop rushing around, of course I’m going to need to eat more!! I’m learning to listen to my body again and not my head which gets in a bit of a muddle sometimes! Thank you 🙂

  2. I have bumps on my arms too- I think it has an actual name but I can’t remember what it is. I have to use a gentle sugar scrub and then a sensitive skin moisturiser and that sorts them out, but I go through phases of not being bothered, and then they come back.
    Oooh I love Brighton, lucky you! Iydea do the most amazing almond hot chocolate (I think with almond milk)- mmmmmm.

    • Oh really? That’s interesting. I’ve definitely noticed they’ve faded recently, I read somewhere that they can be linked to a mild wheat intolerance?
      Yes I’m planning on going to Iydea! Ooo I love almond milk in cafés 🙂 so hard to find!

  3. I’m so happy you decided to stick with it and are learning the most important lessons in the process – we are so hard on ourselves in general and food should not be one of those areas 🙂 Okay and what is #SWYPO?!! I’ve seen it all over Instagram and I have no idea what it is… ps. everything looks delish!

    • So so true. It really isn’t the be all and end all, yet it seems to become that sometimes.
      SWYPO = sex with your pants on i.e. eating foods that are 100% Whole 30 compliant ingredient wise but combining them into a food you may have an emotional attachment to such as a baked good. The theory is that it isn’t as good as the real thing and you shall crave more. But I figured if I don’t have an emotional attachment to it then I’m fine with eating it. I guess it just depends on what food background you are coming from…

    • I’ve definitely learnt a lot! I remember you saying at the start that you found your way of eating beforehand may have been better for you…I think I may be the same! My main aim though is to see how my body reacts to various foods such as dairy… Plus, am pretty chuffed that I managed to do it!

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