My Bucket List – Dreaming Big

It seems only appropriate to tie in last Friday’s Wanderlust post with my dreams of where I would like to go and what I would like to do… After all, a girl’s got to dream of her next adventure 😉

One of my greatest fears in life is that time will run out and I won’t have been able to do all that I had hoped for… Some may find the idea of a ‘Bucket List’ a little depressing – literally a list of things you’d like to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ – but I believe that it’s important to write these things down so that when you are planning trips and adventures you have an idea of the things that you really want to do and what your priorities are. Plus, it’s kind of fun ticking them off.


So, my bucket list (it was meant to stop at 25 but I got carried away…):

1. Be fluent in Spanish

2. Find my job

3. Make an impact on someone’s life for the better and help them the way others have helped me

4. Explore North America

5. Go on an epic road trip (preferably across the States but I’m not fussy)

6. Go on a yoga retreat in India (not that I’m a stereotype or anything…)

7. Return to Argentina

8. Do a handstand

9. Which leads on to…walk on my hands (!)

10. Run a marathon

11. Walk a glacier

12. See the salt flats

13. Visit a giant waterfall

14. Sail the English Channel

15. Spend Christmas abroad, somewhere hot and totally unchristmassy. And have a BBQ on Christmas Day. Preferably Australia.

16. Travel overland Africa and really see it… (not just the tourist Africa)

17. Go to China

18. Go on a cycling holiday

19. Go bungee jumping

20. Go skydiving

21. Own my own home

22. Learn to surf

23. Go in a hot air balloon

24. Climb a realllyyyyy big mountain

25. Try snowboarding (I ski…)

26. Sleep on a beach

27. Give blood

28. See the Northern Lights

29. Go trekking in the Arctic

30. Ride a motorbike

Do you have a bucket list? What would you put on it?


11 thoughts on “My Bucket List – Dreaming Big

  1. If you need a travel buddy for 4, 5, 16, 18, 24, 28 and/or 29 please pick me!

    And I can help with 22 and 25, just let me know when 🙂

  2. Running a marathon was on my bucket list but I ticked that off this year! I’ve added complete a triathlon on the list in it’s place though haha. I also really want to travel to Japan.

  3. I love it, partially because it’s a list and also because it speaks to the planner in me. You have some great items on your bucket list, and I want to see the real Africa with you and then go on a yoga retreat.

    I shall leave the marathon running to you though. 🙂

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