Whole 30 – Week 3 Recap – Feeling positive and doing things my way

Well, this week sure has been a hell of a lot better than the last one! Again, thank you all for your great comments over the past week, they’ve helped keep me going! And, crucially, I have been reminded that I am doing this Whole 30 for me and therefore I am well within my rights to do it my way. Last week I let the rules get to my head and take over a bit too much. This week, however, I’ve still adhered to them but I haven’t made them the be all and end all and I think that’s what has really made the difference.

Positive SignI spotted this sign in town the other day and it seemed to fit the past 2 weeks rather well!

As far as ‘Whole 30 benefits’ go, I’m still sleeping better and my skin still seems to be clearer than it was. I’ve noticed that I’m getting stronger at CrossFit but can’t say if this is just normal as I’m improving as I train or if it’s linked with Whole 30. My stomach is still ‘working’ on digesting my higher fat intake but my clothes seem to be looser on the rest of me, as mentioned in Wednesday’s post (which involves the lovely Claire!).

The only negative I have from this week is eating too much fruit on Friday and getting a sugar headache… You know you’re on Whole 30 when that happens! Live and learn.

I may have had sex with my pants on a couple of times this week… But they were all with 100% compliant Whole 30 foods (no stevia or honey or anything like that) so I’m pretty happy with it to be honest. And they were bloody delicious so who cares! If you’re interested, one occasion involved this deliciousness (sans sugar and chocolate, of course). Another was on Thursday night after a long day working in the tearooms we had lots of leftover cakes for the staff to take home as we were closed the next day. Packing up free cake for other people, whilst hungry, sure was a painful experience! So I made this when I got home and was very content (again, without the honey and also without oil). If I’d eaten these as part of an emotional ‘binge’ or the like I’d be super pissed off at myself. But I didn’t. They were pure pleasure!

This week also involved some of my favourite kinds of treat in the form of these great new workout clothes from TK Maxx – so pretty! I seem to be going through a massive grey workout clothes phase…

TK Maxx

And of course plenty of deliciousness. In particular, this paleo oatmeal from the wonderful Healthy Maven’s new breakfast e-cookbook. Check out her blog as it’s currently on offer with Lee’s book of single serve desserts! Could you ask for a better combination? I think not.

THM Paleo OatmealI topped mine with cherries (obviously) and cashew butter

PancakesPancakes still going strong! Topped here with apple and blueberries

Chicken PancakesBecause when is pancakes for lunch a bad idea? Especially when topped with chicken, cranberries and almond butter. Although this was slightly traumatic as I realised I’d bought crunchy almond butter, not smooth. A sad, sad day.

Tupperware foodMost of my meals this week were eaten at work so looked ugly like this… Hence the photos being slightly scarce this week! #substanceoverstyle

I’ve been on a bit of a workout streak this week!

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – 3 x 3km on the erg/rower – I was pleased with this as it’s the longest I’ve been on the rower for since I got injured in January 2013! Progress 🙂 I tried to keep my heart rate pretty low to focus on technique and stretched between each one.

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – CrossFit

Sunday – Rest (I had planned to go to CrossFit but woke up feeling absolutely rubbish!)

And now I am in London catching up with old friends and have a bit of a break for a couple of days! See you on Wednesday 🙂

How was your week? Are you a fan of crunchy nut butter or do you think it’s evil like me?!



4 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Week 3 Recap – Feeling positive and doing things my way

  1. How good is Davida’s ebook? Even though I’m not paleo, I’m definitely trying out that oatmeal. Try the mocha pancakes- It’s my go to, although don’t eat it for dinner unless you want to be up all night haha. Crunchy nut butter ALWAYS!

    • She is a genius. Oh my gosh you have to try it, I think I’m addicted… Yes I’ve been eyeing up those pancakes – they’ve gone on the list for post Whole 30 😉 FIVE DAYS!
      Crunchy nut butter? Urgh, I thought better of you Arman!

  2. I used to love crunchy peanut butter the most, but that is because I had never tried smooth! Now I buy smooth nut butters but I would still eat crunchy if I got it by mistake.. And crunchy is better in baking as then you get little bits of nut through the cake.

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