Whole 30 – Week 2 Recap – A Dinner Party, Meal Out and A Confession

To be perfectly honest, this week’s been rough. All week I’ve felt really on edge and restricted by ‘not being allowed’ to eat certain things. And it’s still been pretty hard to fill myself up enough… On Thursday I ate a lot. It felt like I was eating all day and my body just kept wanting more and more. So of course I got myself into a big stress over this and felt horrible and guilty… I was texting my poor best friend and dad in my panic and then realised something. I was still eating Whole 30 foods… Therefore I was still eating good for me, real foods. I wasn’t filling myself with processed foods as so many people do everyday (and that is completely your choice if you do so, it’s just not right for me) but I was eating proper, nourishing foods. So why all the stress? 

I figured it was down to guilt over the fact that Whole 30 discourages snacking. So I’ve made a decision to quit the guilt and put more focus on listening to my body as opposed to my head. If I want more at lunch, I’ll eat more. If I want a snack mid-afternoon still, well I’ll have snack. I feel that my body was doing a pretty good job at figuring itself out beforehand so I just need to let it get on with it!

Although, I must say I’m pretty proud of myself ignoring my fat fear and working really hard at upping the healthy fats in my diet. I think that this big change has probably lead to my slightly improved skin – I don’t really get spots but it’s definitely less blotchy – and better sleeping patterns. Instead of tossing and turning for hours I actually get into bed and fall asleep! A miracle.

Continuing on this rather more positive note, this week I held my first successful Whole 30 dinner party! Buuuut I was an awful blogger and forgot to take any pictures… I was obviously having too much fun 😉 Our main course was Date Rosemary Chicken from Paleomg and it was divine! I served it with potato fries and salad. This was followed by poached pears with a raspberry cream sauce from the It Starts With Food book. It was such a lovely evening and my non-paleo eating friends seemed to enjoy it all too – success! Although I was slightly jealous of their wine…

FlowersBeautiful flowers from the girls at dinner!

The deliciousness continued on Friday night when my dad was home from his various trips for a night and we went out for a steak dinner in town… As pretty much always I was the person who changed pretty much everything about my dish but if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Steak NightSteak, prawns and veggies. Simple deliciousness. (Not quite Argentine standards though…)

Sweet potato pancakesLaura’s sweet potato pancakes – heaven

Orange teaOrange tea whilst reading It Starts With Food in Rocket Café

Red cabbage

Chicken, coconut cauli rice and just a little bit of red cabbage

Papaya BreakfastChicken, bacon, cherries and papaya – so good

Food prepI actually food prepped! Chicken curry, cauli rice, cabbage salad, shrimp zoodles and homemade vanilla almond butter! So proud.

There was a running theme to my workouts this week… Can you see what it is?

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – Rest/Stress

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – CrossFit

Sunday – CrossFit – this session was awesome:

Warm-up – run & 8 min EMOM 5 kettlebell swings and 16 lunges

WOD – 30 min – 1st minute 10kg OH plate lunges x 6, 2nd minute box jumps x 8, 3rd minute Russian kettlebell swings. The reps kept increasing until the last few rounds were 12/14/14. Amazing sweaty session!

So, this week was a bit of a rollercoaster! I feel reassured going into this week with lots of food prepped and ready to go, hopefully with a lot less stress… I just need to keep remembering why I am doing this and that it is all my decision!

How was your week? Do you have days when you feel you just need to ‘eat all the foods’?


12 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Week 2 Recap – A Dinner Party, Meal Out and A Confession

  1. Those flowers are beautiful and will inject a bit of colour into any grey day like today. Sorry that last week wasn’t that great for you. Personally I think you’re doing the right thing by adding in more food as and when you need it. These kind of ‘diets’ aren’t going to be the same for everyone so you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.

  2. Congratulations on throwing a successful dinner party. Now please pass me a plate of those sweet potato patties. They look delicious. 🙂

    Just keep listening to your body. When you eat lots of whole and nutrient dense foods, it will tell you everything you need to know.

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