{WIAW} Whole 30 – Day 7

Happy Hump Day people! Although I must say, since I work weekends I can’t really call it hump day for me! But, as you’ll see in this post, I’m trying to make the most of being on such a flexible schedule before life goes crazy again when I start my course in October. So, without further ado, let’s hop to it and rewind to my eats and activities from Monday, which was day 7 of my Whole 30.

banana coffee

I woke at 6am and downed a black coffee whilst munching on a banana dipped in almond butter – the best combo – before heading to CrossFit.

We did the usual warm-up run and then the fun began:

6 min AMRAP:

5 kettlebell lunges each leg

10 sumo deadlift high pulls with kettlebell

Main WOD:

10 rounds

30 sec max. butterfly sit ups

1 min max. reps deadlifts

30 sec max. burpees over the bar

1 min rest

Epic! I was a bit cautious on the deadlifts with regards to adding weight so started at 50kg (the Rx was 60kg) and ramped it up to 55kg. Think I maintained the technique so next time I shall lift more!

I then drove home to make the most delicious breakfast… Sorry for the shitty photo, I was hungry!

eggs and appleCinnamon cooked apple with cherries and scrambled egg

And, yes, this was a sweaty breakfast. Shower vs. food? Food always wins, let’s be real. So post showering I headed to Sainsbury’s to pick up some food for the week. Lots of yumminess.

photo 4 (9)

After this I did some house sorting and gave it a quick clean, it was positively gleaming by the end 😉 Obviously after all that strenuous work lunch was required, which was also pretty darn incredible

bacon and kaleSweet potato, crispy kale (addicted), roasted tomatoes and red pepper with bacon and avocado

Definitely going to be repeating this meal soon! However, next time I’ll add some chicken or something else to it as I wasn’t quite satisfied afterwards so made myself a coconut milk blueberry smoothie in a bowl… I’m not counting this as a snack as it felt like a lunch boost instead.

blueberry smoothie

Then, I confess, I watched my guilty pleasure… Made In Chelsea NYC 😉 and I was in hysterics the whole time! It is so ridiculously brilliant. After ‘resting’ my brain somewhat I headed into town to work on some Uni reading in Starbucks and drove there with my headlights on and wearing a scarf in August. I found this very confusing…

confusedAutumn in August

Starbucks tea Work fuel – a giant mint tea with some macadamia nuts and prunes

As you can see, I had a snack. But I didn’t finish it! I count this as a #snackvictory! When I had finished the piece I was reading I popped into Holland & Barrett to pick up some bits before heading over to visit my mum for a chat and a catch up.

Which was followed by…DINNER! This was also seriously yummy. What was with all my meals being exceptionally good that day?! I sure wasn’t complaining…

chicken tahiniRed cabbage, carrot, onion and chicken tahini stir fry

This was all topped off with an unpictured mug of spiced apple camomile tea, happy days indeed.

Pop on over to Jenn’s blog to join today’s food party!

WIAW button

Are you a food before shower person? What’s your guilty viewing of choice?


12 thoughts on “{WIAW} Whole 30 – Day 7

  1. Yes it is really autumnal at the moment! I like it, but I feel I need to go back to work first!
    I always shower before food, I can’t stand the sweaty feeling, but sometimes if I have had a long run or something then I will have a few nuts before my shower to keep me going.

  2. These eats look pretty damn good to me, especially that breakfast.

    I’m with you on the weather front. It’s been a weird year, and I noticed a maple tree leaves already starting to change colors today. What the what?

    P.S. I love fat, especially in the form of cheese. It makes me happy.

    P.P.S. Why are you doing the whole 30? No judgment, I’m just curios as to why someone decides to embark on a new meal plan.

    • Thank you lovely. Oh I’m glad the UK isn’t the only place for weird weather! So confusing.
      Aaaahhh cheese…
      No it’s good to ask questions! Primarily I started it as I had pretty much been eating paleo beforehand and found the more paleo I ate the better I felt so I wanted to see what strict paleo could do. But the main driving factor was to find out once and for all how my stomach reacts to food (grains and dairy in particular) as it can often be a bit iffy and the best way to do so seemed to be through an elimination diet for which Whole 30 appealed. Now, 11 days in I’m finding myself eating more healthy fats, which I struggled with before, and I’m trying to eat more at meals – before I would have a smaller lunch and then fill up on yoghurt or some sort of ‘filler’ mid afternoon. Basically I want to see if I can nourish my body in better and different ways! And if I find out what I was doing before is better, then at least I’ll know. Sorry for the long answer 🙂

      • I appreciate the honest response. I’ve been working on a post about dieting and different plans over the past few weeks and I wanted to understand why someone would try it. I can appreciate making changes in order to discover what is making your stomach iffy. Congratulations on incorporating some healthy fats, they are wonderful for your hair, skin, and energy levels. I even find the unhealthy ones are good for the heart and soul. 🙂

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