Whole 30 – Week 1 Recap – Bacon, Pancakes & a Big Fat Fear

So today is day 7 of Whole 30! Let’s see how the last week has been…

To be honest I don’t feel like there’s been a huuuuuge change in what I’m eating – I’ve (obviously) ditched the occasional bowl of oatmeal and my beloved Greek yoghurt (oh how I miss you so) but other than that the content of my meals has been pretty standard.

One big change, however, with regards to the structure of my eating is that I’m trying not to snack so much. I’m definitely a little and often kind of girl with my meals so this has been tricky for me. Whereas previously I would fill up with perhaps a (healthied) mug cake or something yoghurty I’m now trying to add more healthy fats into my meals, mainly following the advice of the lovely commenters on this post – thank you so much for all your help!

Fat has always been a bit of a tricky one for me. It’s been engrained in my head over the years that fat = fat on me and so I subsequently tend to get quite nervous whilst trying to eat it – I got butterflies over an avocado this week… (Not helped by the fact that my stomach felt super bloated for half of the week) Nevertheless, I persevered and succeeded in eating veggies roasted in coconut oil, nuts, nut butters (I think we’re in love…), tahini and avocado. And guess what? It seems to be working! Yippee! The fog that I experienced over the first two days has cleared and I feel much more like myself again. Although I must note that the fog MAY be due to the curry I ate on Monday night, there’s a reason why I don’t eat those things often *sad face*. Tasted bloody good though I have to say.

Some of my eats from this week included:

Chicken Blueberries Tahini Sweet PotatoA delicious combo of sweet potato, chicken, blueberries and tahini eaten in the car for breakfast

Chicken MacadamiaA snack of chicken and macadamia nuts with basil, pepper and ACV 

Salmon sweet potatoVeggies, salmon and sweet potato, drizzled with olive oil

Coconut chickenI know this sounds weird but trust me it was awesome – chicken, roasted veggies and coconut milk mixed with ACV and basil (stop judging…)

Bacon hashBacon, onion, blueberries and sweet potato hash with tahini

Banana pancakesSunday morning banana pancakes, of varying colours… oops.

Fruit and hazelnut butterThe best snack – frozen banana, strawberries and hazelnut butter. I’ve had days when I’ve eaten rather a lot of fruit but, hey, it’s summer!

Now, as you can see I ate bacon and banana pancakes. Let me explain.

Whole 30 compliant bacon is incredibly tricky to find – I never realised bacon tended to have sugar in it before, so there’s something new I’ve learnt. The bacon I ate was the cleanest I have come across so far but still isn’t 100% clean. Sue me. (Please don’t, I’m poor.) I figured it was okay as 1) I hate waste and 2) I’m sure the tiny amount of ‘dirtiness’ that was in there can also be found on some of the fruit and veggies I eat so it’s not the end of the world.

Moving on to the banana pancakes. I debated long and hard over this as Whole 30 considers them to be “sex with your pants on” food, i.e. not as good as the real thing… But I’m British. I wasn’t brought up on fluffy American style pancakes. The only ones I know, and love for that matter, are the ones that I have made for myself which are either banana pancakes or a thin crêpe like these. So I figured it was okay 🙂

All in all it’s been a pretty sweet week, including some great workouts:

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – 12.63km run in 1 hour 12 min. I was super pleased with this as it’s the furthest I’ve run in a long time and I felt that my body could carry on, just perhaps not the blisters forming on my feet! I wish I could’ve taken a photo to show you guys the awesome views but this was during my 24 hours without a phone (don’t ask, it involved a pavement and a very smashed up screen…)

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – 17km ‘easy’ cycle (with a headwind, that plan backfired) and a long shift on my feet at work

Sunday – Rest 🙂

So I must say I’m pretty happy with Whole 30 so far! The first couple of days were quite hard as I felt quite restricted knowing that I wasn’t allowed to eat certain things, as my usual attitude is that I can eat whatever I like as this tends to keep me balanced. I have found that I now feel far more relaxed however, although I couldn’t explain why exactly. I still snack a bit as there’s only so much I can eat in one meal, it’s something I’m working but am not going to stress out over. One thing I do find a little frustrating is not having “paleofied treats”. I like treats. I like healthy treats even more. I understand reducing an emotional dependence on food and this is something that I feel, personally, I have pretty figured out now but I also believe that food is there to be enjoyed. It is a form of pleasure and a form of joy! So we’ll see, I’m doing my Whole 30, nobody else’s. As with everything in life I’ll continue to figure out what works for me.

How was your week?


15 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Week 1 Recap – Bacon, Pancakes & a Big Fat Fear

  1. Glad to hear that the fat fear is slowly going. I eat a lot of fat in my diet, from tahini, nut butters, avocado and olive oils along with coconut yoghurt and I don’t put on weight. Sure my weight is higher than it was before I was eating them but I’m so much healthier and see benefits in my skin, energy and mood (those 5 ‘vanity pounds’ seem to be very needed to keep my body at its healthiest). The first time I did 21DSD I was incredibly bloated and felt that my stomach was putting on a lot of fat. Since my body has got used to eating this way I don’t have that at all, I think it just takes time to adjust to that way of eating and metabolising.
    Great looking eats 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t stress about the bacon, I was worried about the sugar as well but I heard Diane and Liz on the Balanced Bites podcast saying it was totally acceptable as part of the curing process so now I enjoy my organic bacon with no worries! That bacon, sweet potato, blueberry hash sounds amazing!

  3. Your eats look great Pip! I am really happy to hear you are eating more fats and not worrying so much about it 🙂
    Tahini is so good isn’t it! I have been drizzling that stuff on everything… It is really good with banana and cacao nibs!

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