CrossFit – don’t knock it till you’ve tried

So, I have a little confession. Way back before I’d even considered starting CrossFit myself, I kind of thought it was overrated. I mean, it just seemed like a load of people throwing some barbells around and raving about it. What was the big deal?

Oh how little I knew.

In March of this year I stumbled upon Bigg CrossFit, newly opened just a few blocks away from my apartment in Buenos Aires. I started to read more and more about CrossFit on various blogs and watched a bunch of videos online. And this same word kept popping up. Community. I know, I know, another ‘CrossFit community’ post… but seriously. This turned out to be incredibly true.


And so, rather intimidated I must admit, I signed up. Exercise, and in this case CrossFit, is a common passion. A common language that surpasses all borders, all barriers. From my very first class I felt at home and like I belonged. Although my Spanish greatly improved during my time in Argentina, I was by no means fluent and this meant I sometimes struggled to feel fully myself and to convey my personality. Yet through CrossFit I could fully be me. And others could see who I truly was.

My box welcomed me into their community, and when I left my last class – to a very touching round of applause – I assured my coach that I would be continuing in the UK. The addiction was real. To see your strength going in a manner you never deemed possible and to feel so incredibly empowered… The buzz was inescapable.


When I returned home, various family dramas kept me moving around the country for a few weeks and it was until I started with Hereford CrossFit that I truly began to feel settled back in the UK. With most of my friends now moved away, causing everything to feel so different and only being here for a couple of months, it’s a blessing to have my constant before I leave once again. And it is so reassuring to know that I can carry on once I get to London (if I can afford it…!).

So, don’t believe the hype. Go and find out for yourself. And please ignore all those articles about the ‘dangers’ of CrossFit – you can find those for any sport. Just find yourself a good box, with a good coach and good people. And get ready.

Are you a CrossFitter? If not, are you part of a sporting community?


2 thoughts on “CrossFit – don’t knock it till you’ve tried

  1. The thing I have with crossfit is all the lingo- stuff like WOD/ box/ the names of the workouts/ whatever else- I just find that annoying! Call it a gym, or a workout….
    But it is great that you liked it! I run with my local Sweatshop and I love that- it is a real community and everyone chats about their week, if they are training for races etc, and there is a huge range of abilities.

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