My Bucket List – Dreaming Big

It seems only appropriate to tie in last Friday’s Wanderlust post with my dreams of where I would like to go and what I would like to do… After all, a girl’s got to dream of her next adventure 😉

One of my greatest fears in life is that time will run out and I won’t have been able to do all that I had hoped for… Some may find the idea of a ‘Bucket List’ a little depressing – literally a list of things you’d like to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ – but I believe that it’s important to write these things down so that when you are planning trips and adventures you have an idea of the things that you really want to do and what your priorities are. Plus, it’s kind of fun ticking them off.


So, my bucket list (it was meant to stop at 25 but I got carried away…):

1. Be fluent in Spanish

2. Find my job

3. Make an impact on someone’s life for the better and help them the way others have helped me

4. Explore North America

5. Go on an epic road trip (preferably across the States but I’m not fussy)

6. Go on a yoga retreat in India (not that I’m a stereotype or anything…)

7. Return to Argentina

8. Do a handstand

9. Which leads on to…walk on my hands (!)

10. Run a marathon

11. Walk a glacier

12. See the salt flats

13. Visit a giant waterfall

14. Sail the English Channel

15. Spend Christmas abroad, somewhere hot and totally unchristmassy. And have a BBQ on Christmas Day. Preferably Australia.

16. Travel overland Africa and really see it… (not just the tourist Africa)

17. Go to China

18. Go on a cycling holiday

19. Go bungee jumping

20. Go skydiving

21. Own my own home

22. Learn to surf

23. Go in a hot air balloon

24. Climb a realllyyyyy big mountain

25. Try snowboarding (I ski…)

26. Sleep on a beach

27. Give blood

28. See the Northern Lights

29. Go trekking in the Arctic

30. Ride a motorbike

Do you have a bucket list? What would you put on it?


Whole 30 – Week 3 Recap – Feeling positive and doing things my way

Well, this week sure has been a hell of a lot better than the last one! Again, thank you all for your great comments over the past week, they’ve helped keep me going! And, crucially, I have been reminded that I am doing this Whole 30 for me and therefore I am well within my rights to do it my way. Last week I let the rules get to my head and take over a bit too much. This week, however, I’ve still adhered to them but I haven’t made them the be all and end all and I think that’s what has really made the difference.

Positive SignI spotted this sign in town the other day and it seemed to fit the past 2 weeks rather well!

As far as ‘Whole 30 benefits’ go, I’m still sleeping better and my skin still seems to be clearer than it was. I’ve noticed that I’m getting stronger at CrossFit but can’t say if this is just normal as I’m improving as I train or if it’s linked with Whole 30. My stomach is still ‘working’ on digesting my higher fat intake but my clothes seem to be looser on the rest of me, as mentioned in Wednesday’s post (which involves the lovely Claire!).

The only negative I have from this week is eating too much fruit on Friday and getting a sugar headache… You know you’re on Whole 30 when that happens! Live and learn.

I may have had sex with my pants on a couple of times this week… But they were all with 100% compliant Whole 30 foods (no stevia or honey or anything like that) so I’m pretty happy with it to be honest. And they were bloody delicious so who cares! If you’re interested, one occasion involved this deliciousness (sans sugar and chocolate, of course). Another was on Thursday night after a long day working in the tearooms we had lots of leftover cakes for the staff to take home as we were closed the next day. Packing up free cake for other people, whilst hungry, sure was a painful experience! So I made this when I got home and was very content (again, without the honey and also without oil). If I’d eaten these as part of an emotional ‘binge’ or the like I’d be super pissed off at myself. But I didn’t. They were pure pleasure!

This week also involved some of my favourite kinds of treat in the form of these great new workout clothes from TK Maxx – so pretty! I seem to be going through a massive grey workout clothes phase…

TK Maxx

And of course plenty of deliciousness. In particular, this paleo oatmeal from the wonderful Healthy Maven’s new breakfast e-cookbook. Check out her blog as it’s currently on offer with Lee’s book of single serve desserts! Could you ask for a better combination? I think not.

THM Paleo OatmealI topped mine with cherries (obviously) and cashew butter

PancakesPancakes still going strong! Topped here with apple and blueberries

Chicken PancakesBecause when is pancakes for lunch a bad idea? Especially when topped with chicken, cranberries and almond butter. Although this was slightly traumatic as I realised I’d bought crunchy almond butter, not smooth. A sad, sad day.

Tupperware foodMost of my meals this week were eaten at work so looked ugly like this… Hence the photos being slightly scarce this week! #substanceoverstyle

I’ve been on a bit of a workout streak this week!

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – 3 x 3km on the erg/rower – I was pleased with this as it’s the longest I’ve been on the rower for since I got injured in January 2013! Progress 🙂 I tried to keep my heart rate pretty low to focus on technique and stretched between each one.

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – CrossFit

Sunday – Rest (I had planned to go to CrossFit but woke up feeling absolutely rubbish!)

And now I am in London catching up with old friends and have a bit of a break for a couple of days! See you on Wednesday 🙂

How was your week? Are you a fan of crunchy nut butter or do you think it’s evil like me?!


Wanderlust Strikes Again

Coming home isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult. Everyone always speaks of the ‘post travel blues’ but it’s something you can never truly understand until you have lived it yourself. I mean, surely I should feel lucky that I’ve been privileged enough to have had such incredible adventures? Well of course I do. But it doesn’t make the adjustment any easier.

It’s now a little over a month and a half since I arrived back in the UK and learning how to live in this country all over again hasn’t been an easy path. Just the other week I found myself frowning at the prices in a café, wondering why they were in pounds not pesos. Life in Buenos Aires made sense. I lived each day with a purpose, to discover, explore, learn and develop. And now I find myself living a life in transition, waiting to leave once again.

It’s all very well trying to make the most out of each day… You read, get ahead on your studies, ready for the autumn term. Work your summer job. Catch up with friends. But the distraction is only temporary… You find your mind wandering to places elsewhere… What will the next adventure be? Where will I run to next? Always moving, always changing… Wanderlust strikes again.


So what to do? How to make the most out of each moment you have? After all, life is not permanent. Morbid as it sounds, it doesn’t go on forever. I’ve learnt my lesson that you never know when your time might run out. So take a second to just appreciate each day, look for that ray of sunshine. The one little thing that can brighten up your world… Harness every opportunity you have. Find your roots in this new community you now find yourself in.

What don’t you know about where you live? What haven’t you seen? Go and seek it out. Discovery doesn’t have to be something that only happens thousands of miles away. It can be right there on your doorstep. Appreciate it. Live it.

And then, when the time inevitably rolls around again, crack open that savings account. Start planning. Realise those dreams. Embark on that adventure.


And so it begins, all over again…

A Great Day

So I’ve kind of bored myself by talking about Whole 30 so much… Therefore, in my bid to stop overthinking and to make things a liiittle more interesting, instead of doing a WIAW today I thought I’d recap yesterday. Because yesterday was a great day and a little bit of positivity wouldn’t go a miss around here. 

Before I begin, however, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who left such lovely and reassuring comments on Monday’s post. It really meant a lot. Another reason why I love this community – being so easily understood by people who just seem to know what’s up!

Anyhow, yesterday. Why was it great?

Firstly, it kicked off with a CrossFit session (shocker, I know). But this was better than any old CrossFit session as it was full of my favourite things:

– Warm up run + 20 burpees (okay, so burpees aren’t exactly my favourite…)

– 5 rounds: 20 mountain climbers, 10 sumo deadlift kettlebell high pulls

– Deadlift technique

– WOD: 50-40-30-20-10 of deadlifts (40kg) and air squats. This was AWESOME. 

– Run (same loop as warm up) and foam rolling. Then I did a little work on my ankle flexibility because it sucks.

Great thing of the day number two. After my shower I put on a dress that I haven’t worn in a while… When I looked in the mirror I actually went ‘woah’, it was way looser. Now, this dress used to be a bit of a ‘booby’ (!) dress but now it is far more…appropriate! It was definitely a happy/sad moment. Sad as I always find change a little upsetting but happy because I know my body must be getting healthier. 

Thirdly, it was Day 15 – a.k.a. halfway – of Whole 30. And that is all I shall say on the matter.

Fourthly, I got to meet the lovely Claire of Flake & Cake for lunch in Wholefoods! If you don’t yet know Claire, head over and check out her blog – it’s awesome. She writes about her love for running, her journey through various dietary changes in response to her allergies (an eye opening read) and her adorable hamster Meeko, amongst other adventures! We chatted about all things paleo, food, allergies, blogging, running, CrossFit, friends, work and life! She was even more wonderful than I had hoped 🙂 Like I said earlier, it is just so incredible and inspirational to be able to connect with people who think about their health in a similar manner to how you do. Plus, it’s always good to not be the only one taking a photo of your lunch…

Happy BloggersHappy bloggers!

Wholefoods salad bar obviously added to the greatness… Well, I say salad bar, they had put all the bits we wanted behind a counter so we managed to confuse the poor lady behind with our multiple selections all in the same box 😉

Wholefoods SaladSalmon, butternut squash and ratatouille – deliciousness

As did this haul of goodies… Though I must say I think I was pretty restrained!

Wholefoods HaulCoconut yoghurt, plaintain, coconut flour, Primal Kitchen bars and a new face cream as recommended by Claire (I may have recently run out and I may have been using suncream instead…)

And great thing number five? Curling up on the sofa with coconut yoghurt and watching Footloose (the newer one).

This totally is how I dance…

All in all, truly a great day. Breathing happy.

What’s one great think from your week? Have you met up with any other bloggers?

Whole 30 – Week 2 Recap – A Dinner Party, Meal Out and A Confession

To be perfectly honest, this week’s been rough. All week I’ve felt really on edge and restricted by ‘not being allowed’ to eat certain things. And it’s still been pretty hard to fill myself up enough… On Thursday I ate a lot. It felt like I was eating all day and my body just kept wanting more and more. So of course I got myself into a big stress over this and felt horrible and guilty… I was texting my poor best friend and dad in my panic and then realised something. I was still eating Whole 30 foods… Therefore I was still eating good for me, real foods. I wasn’t filling myself with processed foods as so many people do everyday (and that is completely your choice if you do so, it’s just not right for me) but I was eating proper, nourishing foods. So why all the stress? 

I figured it was down to guilt over the fact that Whole 30 discourages snacking. So I’ve made a decision to quit the guilt and put more focus on listening to my body as opposed to my head. If I want more at lunch, I’ll eat more. If I want a snack mid-afternoon still, well I’ll have snack. I feel that my body was doing a pretty good job at figuring itself out beforehand so I just need to let it get on with it!

Although, I must say I’m pretty proud of myself ignoring my fat fear and working really hard at upping the healthy fats in my diet. I think that this big change has probably lead to my slightly improved skin – I don’t really get spots but it’s definitely less blotchy – and better sleeping patterns. Instead of tossing and turning for hours I actually get into bed and fall asleep! A miracle.

Continuing on this rather more positive note, this week I held my first successful Whole 30 dinner party! Buuuut I was an awful blogger and forgot to take any pictures… I was obviously having too much fun 😉 Our main course was Date Rosemary Chicken from Paleomg and it was divine! I served it with potato fries and salad. This was followed by poached pears with a raspberry cream sauce from the It Starts With Food book. It was such a lovely evening and my non-paleo eating friends seemed to enjoy it all too – success! Although I was slightly jealous of their wine…

FlowersBeautiful flowers from the girls at dinner!

The deliciousness continued on Friday night when my dad was home from his various trips for a night and we went out for a steak dinner in town… As pretty much always I was the person who changed pretty much everything about my dish but if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Steak NightSteak, prawns and veggies. Simple deliciousness. (Not quite Argentine standards though…)

Sweet potato pancakesLaura’s sweet potato pancakes – heaven

Orange teaOrange tea whilst reading It Starts With Food in Rocket Café

Red cabbage

Chicken, coconut cauli rice and just a little bit of red cabbage

Papaya BreakfastChicken, bacon, cherries and papaya – so good

Food prepI actually food prepped! Chicken curry, cauli rice, cabbage salad, shrimp zoodles and homemade vanilla almond butter! So proud.

There was a running theme to my workouts this week… Can you see what it is?

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – Rest/Stress

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – CrossFit

Sunday – CrossFit – this session was awesome:

Warm-up – run & 8 min EMOM 5 kettlebell swings and 16 lunges

WOD – 30 min – 1st minute 10kg OH plate lunges x 6, 2nd minute box jumps x 8, 3rd minute Russian kettlebell swings. The reps kept increasing until the last few rounds were 12/14/14. Amazing sweaty session!

So, this week was a bit of a rollercoaster! I feel reassured going into this week with lots of food prepped and ready to go, hopefully with a lot less stress… I just need to keep remembering why I am doing this and that it is all my decision!

How was your week? Do you have days when you feel you just need to ‘eat all the foods’?

{Recipie} Raw Ginger Snack Balls

I debated long and hard about how to name this post… I mean, the words ‘ginger’ and ‘balls’ obviously had to be in there… In fact, I even had an hour long Skype convo with my friend in Australia and post if it was spent with the two of us in hysterics trying to come up with a name for my recipe… I’ll spare you some of the ones we came up with 😉 And, yes, we are in our 20s. Nothing wrong with a good old bit of immature humour. 

Ginger Snack Balls

Anyhow, focus. Focus. The idea for this recipe came from my beloved Nakd Gingerbread Bars. For all you non-Brits these are basically British Larabars and utterly delicious. However, they happen to be – as all good things tend to be – rather expensive. So I took it upon myself this week to try and recreate my own version. 

I can’t tell you that they test exactly like gingerbread, simply because they don’t. But I can tell you that they are definitely gingery, delicious and packed full of goodness from just a few simple ingredients… At the first bite they appear to be quite mild, until you wait just a moment longer and the buttery, ginger flavour develops in your mouth… And guess what? As with all balls, they’re super easy to make!

photo 1 (14)

Raw Ginger Snack Balls

Yields about 18 balls

2/3 cup almonds

1/3 cup pecans

1 cup pitted dates

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

Simply pop all the ingredients into your food processor and blend away, using the sharp, cutting attachment. Keep going until the mixture starts to clump together.

Now for the messy fun part! Remove the cutting attachment and using your fingers gently mould the mixture into tightly packed balls.

Place the balls onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and put in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. 

These can be stored in a tupperware container in the fridge or freezer.

Ginger Snack Balls 2

Ginger Snack Balls 3

Are you as immature as I am?! What’s your snack of preference?

{WIAW} Whole 30 – Day 7

Happy Hump Day people! Although I must say, since I work weekends I can’t really call it hump day for me! But, as you’ll see in this post, I’m trying to make the most of being on such a flexible schedule before life goes crazy again when I start my course in October. So, without further ado, let’s hop to it and rewind to my eats and activities from Monday, which was day 7 of my Whole 30.

banana coffee

I woke at 6am and downed a black coffee whilst munching on a banana dipped in almond butter – the best combo – before heading to CrossFit.

We did the usual warm-up run and then the fun began:

6 min AMRAP:

5 kettlebell lunges each leg

10 sumo deadlift high pulls with kettlebell

Main WOD:

10 rounds

30 sec max. butterfly sit ups

1 min max. reps deadlifts

30 sec max. burpees over the bar

1 min rest

Epic! I was a bit cautious on the deadlifts with regards to adding weight so started at 50kg (the Rx was 60kg) and ramped it up to 55kg. Think I maintained the technique so next time I shall lift more!

I then drove home to make the most delicious breakfast… Sorry for the shitty photo, I was hungry!

eggs and appleCinnamon cooked apple with cherries and scrambled egg

And, yes, this was a sweaty breakfast. Shower vs. food? Food always wins, let’s be real. So post showering I headed to Sainsbury’s to pick up some food for the week. Lots of yumminess.

photo 4 (9)

After this I did some house sorting and gave it a quick clean, it was positively gleaming by the end 😉 Obviously after all that strenuous work lunch was required, which was also pretty darn incredible

bacon and kaleSweet potato, crispy kale (addicted), roasted tomatoes and red pepper with bacon and avocado

Definitely going to be repeating this meal soon! However, next time I’ll add some chicken or something else to it as I wasn’t quite satisfied afterwards so made myself a coconut milk blueberry smoothie in a bowl… I’m not counting this as a snack as it felt like a lunch boost instead.

blueberry smoothie

Then, I confess, I watched my guilty pleasure… Made In Chelsea NYC 😉 and I was in hysterics the whole time! It is so ridiculously brilliant. After ‘resting’ my brain somewhat I headed into town to work on some Uni reading in Starbucks and drove there with my headlights on and wearing a scarf in August. I found this very confusing…

confusedAutumn in August

Starbucks tea Work fuel – a giant mint tea with some macadamia nuts and prunes

As you can see, I had a snack. But I didn’t finish it! I count this as a #snackvictory! When I had finished the piece I was reading I popped into Holland & Barrett to pick up some bits before heading over to visit my mum for a chat and a catch up.

Which was followed by…DINNER! This was also seriously yummy. What was with all my meals being exceptionally good that day?! I sure wasn’t complaining…

chicken tahiniRed cabbage, carrot, onion and chicken tahini stir fry

This was all topped off with an unpictured mug of spiced apple camomile tea, happy days indeed.

Pop on over to Jenn’s blog to join today’s food party!

WIAW button

Are you a food before shower person? What’s your guilty viewing of choice?

Whole 30 – Week 1 Recap – Bacon, Pancakes & a Big Fat Fear

So today is day 7 of Whole 30! Let’s see how the last week has been…

To be honest I don’t feel like there’s been a huuuuuge change in what I’m eating – I’ve (obviously) ditched the occasional bowl of oatmeal and my beloved Greek yoghurt (oh how I miss you so) but other than that the content of my meals has been pretty standard.

One big change, however, with regards to the structure of my eating is that I’m trying not to snack so much. I’m definitely a little and often kind of girl with my meals so this has been tricky for me. Whereas previously I would fill up with perhaps a (healthied) mug cake or something yoghurty I’m now trying to add more healthy fats into my meals, mainly following the advice of the lovely commenters on this post – thank you so much for all your help!

Fat has always been a bit of a tricky one for me. It’s been engrained in my head over the years that fat = fat on me and so I subsequently tend to get quite nervous whilst trying to eat it – I got butterflies over an avocado this week… (Not helped by the fact that my stomach felt super bloated for half of the week) Nevertheless, I persevered and succeeded in eating veggies roasted in coconut oil, nuts, nut butters (I think we’re in love…), tahini and avocado. And guess what? It seems to be working! Yippee! The fog that I experienced over the first two days has cleared and I feel much more like myself again. Although I must note that the fog MAY be due to the curry I ate on Monday night, there’s a reason why I don’t eat those things often *sad face*. Tasted bloody good though I have to say.

Some of my eats from this week included:

Chicken Blueberries Tahini Sweet PotatoA delicious combo of sweet potato, chicken, blueberries and tahini eaten in the car for breakfast

Chicken MacadamiaA snack of chicken and macadamia nuts with basil, pepper and ACV 

Salmon sweet potatoVeggies, salmon and sweet potato, drizzled with olive oil

Coconut chickenI know this sounds weird but trust me it was awesome – chicken, roasted veggies and coconut milk mixed with ACV and basil (stop judging…)

Bacon hashBacon, onion, blueberries and sweet potato hash with tahini

Banana pancakesSunday morning banana pancakes, of varying colours… oops.

Fruit and hazelnut butterThe best snack – frozen banana, strawberries and hazelnut butter. I’ve had days when I’ve eaten rather a lot of fruit but, hey, it’s summer!

Now, as you can see I ate bacon and banana pancakes. Let me explain.

Whole 30 compliant bacon is incredibly tricky to find – I never realised bacon tended to have sugar in it before, so there’s something new I’ve learnt. The bacon I ate was the cleanest I have come across so far but still isn’t 100% clean. Sue me. (Please don’t, I’m poor.) I figured it was okay as 1) I hate waste and 2) I’m sure the tiny amount of ‘dirtiness’ that was in there can also be found on some of the fruit and veggies I eat so it’s not the end of the world.

Moving on to the banana pancakes. I debated long and hard over this as Whole 30 considers them to be “sex with your pants on” food, i.e. not as good as the real thing… But I’m British. I wasn’t brought up on fluffy American style pancakes. The only ones I know, and love for that matter, are the ones that I have made for myself which are either banana pancakes or a thin crêpe like these. So I figured it was okay 🙂

All in all it’s been a pretty sweet week, including some great workouts:

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – 12.63km run in 1 hour 12 min. I was super pleased with this as it’s the furthest I’ve run in a long time and I felt that my body could carry on, just perhaps not the blisters forming on my feet! I wish I could’ve taken a photo to show you guys the awesome views but this was during my 24 hours without a phone (don’t ask, it involved a pavement and a very smashed up screen…)

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – 17km ‘easy’ cycle (with a headwind, that plan backfired) and a long shift on my feet at work

Sunday – Rest 🙂

So I must say I’m pretty happy with Whole 30 so far! The first couple of days were quite hard as I felt quite restricted knowing that I wasn’t allowed to eat certain things, as my usual attitude is that I can eat whatever I like as this tends to keep me balanced. I have found that I now feel far more relaxed however, although I couldn’t explain why exactly. I still snack a bit as there’s only so much I can eat in one meal, it’s something I’m working but am not going to stress out over. One thing I do find a little frustrating is not having “paleofied treats”. I like treats. I like healthy treats even more. I understand reducing an emotional dependence on food and this is something that I feel, personally, I have pretty figured out now but I also believe that food is there to be enjoyed. It is a form of pleasure and a form of joy! So we’ll see, I’m doing my Whole 30, nobody else’s. As with everything in life I’ll continue to figure out what works for me.

How was your week?

CrossFit – don’t knock it till you’ve tried

So, I have a little confession. Way back before I’d even considered starting CrossFit myself, I kind of thought it was overrated. I mean, it just seemed like a load of people throwing some barbells around and raving about it. What was the big deal?

Oh how little I knew.

In March of this year I stumbled upon Bigg CrossFit, newly opened just a few blocks away from my apartment in Buenos Aires. I started to read more and more about CrossFit on various blogs and watched a bunch of videos online. And this same word kept popping up. Community. I know, I know, another ‘CrossFit community’ post… but seriously. This turned out to be incredibly true.


And so, rather intimidated I must admit, I signed up. Exercise, and in this case CrossFit, is a common passion. A common language that surpasses all borders, all barriers. From my very first class I felt at home and like I belonged. Although my Spanish greatly improved during my time in Argentina, I was by no means fluent and this meant I sometimes struggled to feel fully myself and to convey my personality. Yet through CrossFit I could fully be me. And others could see who I truly was.

My box welcomed me into their community, and when I left my last class – to a very touching round of applause – I assured my coach that I would be continuing in the UK. The addiction was real. To see your strength going in a manner you never deemed possible and to feel so incredibly empowered… The buzz was inescapable.


When I returned home, various family dramas kept me moving around the country for a few weeks and it was until I started with Hereford CrossFit that I truly began to feel settled back in the UK. With most of my friends now moved away, causing everything to feel so different and only being here for a couple of months, it’s a blessing to have my constant before I leave once again. And it is so reassuring to know that I can carry on once I get to London (if I can afford it…!).

So, don’t believe the hype. Go and find out for yourself. And please ignore all those articles about the ‘dangers’ of CrossFit – you can find those for any sport. Just find yourself a good box, with a good coach and good people. And get ready.

Are you a CrossFitter? If not, are you part of a sporting community?

{WIAW} Whole 30 – Day 1

Hi, my name’s Pip and I’m a snackaholic.

I joke. Although yesterday it sure did feel like it. I was getting so frustrated by my continual hunger (you know those days, right?) that I nearly didn’t join Jenn’s food party today. I felt embarrassed, as I sometimes do, by sharing my eats out loud, for the world to judge. Silly really, we’ve all got to eat after all!

WIAW button


Yesterday started out at 7am (although I don’t think I left my bed until 7.20…). I had my usual favourite breakfast of eggs, fruit and nut butter, can’t get enough of this combo!

eggs and berries


Oh and the best tea…

jasmine green tea

And then the best coffee… because, you know, essential:

starbucks coffee

I then headed to CrossFit for the 9.30am class. I am always reminded that although my stamina is still pretty good, my strength and explosive speed have rather a long way to go… We did this workout:

Warm-up on the rower (it was raining out so this made me happy!)

Mobilisation stretches

3 back squats every 2 minutes for 20 minutes

12-9-6 twice of kettlebell swings and burpees


Not too shabby! Just got to work on that strength 🙂 I actually felt really demoralised after this until I realise that the whole point I am doing this is to improve and I have already improved so much. Must. be. less. impatient.

CrossFit was followed by a handful of cashews:



I then sorted out all my jewellery. I know this sounds rather a pathetic task but since moving house I’m slowly going through all my stuff and getting rid of all the unnecessary junk that I’ve accumulated over the years! It actually took rather a long time…

All the way until lunch time! Which included this awesome burger, except I used turkey mince as I can never find chicken (or I’m blind, also possible):

chicken apple burger sweet potato

I then curled up on my bed to do some uni work with only one break to FaceTime my best friend, naturally this involved a lot of hysterical laughter. That girl’s like my sister, love her!

And then the snack monster hit… I waited a good hour after lunch and then each snack to see if I was just taking a while to fill up but no luck. It was when I felt light headed that I decided it was a bit ridiculous – I’m not on a diet, if I’m hungry I’ll darn well eat!

banana almond butterBanana and almond butter

Ginger Nakd BarAMAZING ginger Nakd bar

And then dinnertime finally rolled around… I made cauliflower rice with various veggies and pan fried tuna steak. Super delicious:

tuna steak

But apparently STILL not enough as after dinner I was hungry AGAIN. Hello blueberry and banana smoothie in a bowl:

2014-08-05 19.11.29

And then, exhausted, I flopped infront of the tv and watched NCIS. Because I’m cool like that.

So, thoughts on day 1 of Whole 30? I need to eat bigger meals! Hopefully this will stop the snacking because it’s really getting quite frustrating already… Whole 30 recommend to eat 3 meals a day rather than steadily eating all day, so let’s see how this goes…

What have you eaten this week? Any Whole 30 tips?