Exploring Northern Argentina – Days 1 & 2 – Iguazú Falls

Finally things have calmed down a little and I have some time to sit and write up my final adventures in Argentina – it already seems so long ago!

After a very delayed flight due to fog in Buenos Aires my dad and I arrived in Iguazú (the argentine side) late morning. We were picked up and taken to our hotel. It wasn’t at all how I imagined it to be through their website, not helped by all the building works going on,  which put a slight dampener on things. Nonetheless the staff were lovely and helpful and the setting – in the jungle – was pretty spectacular.

We immediately got a taxi across the border into Brazil to go and see the falls. They say that you get a more panoramic view from the brazilian side, whereas from the argentine side you can get more up close and personal, something I would definitely agree with!

In fact, we were incredibly lucky to see the falls at all. In the weeks before we visited, the area had experienced severe flooding, the remnants of which were still there. But, of course, it was still completely breathtaking…even if a little brown! Now time for a photo dump…

Iguazú Falls 1First view of the falls

10418154_10152162978516123_5158073046690641342_nThese little creatures were everywhere, terribly cute but also very vicious! 


10534529_10152162978876123_3358449207674249106_nHalf of this walkway was closed off as it had been damaged in the floods


After following the small circuit round the various viewpoints we grabbed some lunch from the restaurant next to the top of the falls. It was horrifically expensive as expected but the food was okay! And I continued to speak Spanish due to my utter lack of Portuguese! That evening we had a delicious free 3 course meal in our hotel, I forgot to take photos but I enjoyed an amazing coconut sweetcorn soup, river fish and (naturally) chocolate volcano cake for dessert. The perks of booking directly!

The next day was spent exploring the argentine side of the falls. Whilst a lot was still closed off due to damage/extreme water flow there was still plenty to see. And up close and personal we got:

Iguazu 2

Iguazu 3The noise was just incredible!

Iguazu Boat Trip

We took a boat trip to go and see the falls from the water and got rather drenched! Our driver raced along the rapids and then swerved in and out of the cascades of water, so much fun! Although there was one rather worried looking man on our boat who I felt a bit bad for!

Iguazu Boat Trip 2

An incredible sight. The rest of Iguazú is pretty…nothing to be honest so by the time our 2 days were up I was ready for the next stage of our adventure…

Have you ever been to see a waterfall like this?


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