{Thinking Out Loud} Life gone crazy

So I’m back in the UK and life’s all gone a little mad…

– On Saturday (5th July) I turned 23 and drove over a 4170m mountain to get to the Salt Flats near Argentina’s border with Chile… It was pretty breathtaking.

Salinas Grandes Argentina

– On Sunday we had to cut our trip short and fly home early due to a family emergency. This took 1 hire car, 2 taxis, 1 shuttle bus down a motorway, 1 car and 5 flights. Joyous.

– Monday night was spent sleeping on Barcelona airport floor with a Toblerone advert going on on repeat in the duty free shop behind. I now do NOT like Toblerones…

– We landed in Gatwick on Tuesday morning and waited to collect our luggage…and waited…and waited…still waiting. Apparently it went AWOL somewhere between Madrid-Barcelona-London. They’ve found one and it’s on it’s way to us but we still don’t know if it’s dad or mine (better be mine… πŸ˜‰ my whole life in a rucksack!)

– On Tuesday night I went to bed for the first time since Saturday and slept 12 hours straight.

– I have a new house! Well I did a while back (with my dad) but actually living in it now and have seen it! I love it πŸ™‚

– Did my first supermarket shop yesterday and was so excited! Hello almond milk, almond butter, pnb, kale, ohhh the happiness. And emergency underwear.


– Made myself a birthday cake last night. Chocolate obviously. With aubergines in it… Not that you’d ever know! Thanks to the goddess that is Harry Eastwood and her incredible cook books.

– It’s looking like I’m going to be living with one of my old friends in London come autumn when I start my Masters so that is super exciting πŸ™‚

– All of a sudden it is summer. It doesn’t get dark until into the evening. This is confusing.

– And now because it is actually Wednesday I must hold my eyes open and watch the rest of the Argentina-Holland game before falling into my heavenly bed… Zzzz

Kudos to Amanda for letting me write this incoherent post.


Any madness in your life at the moment?




7 thoughts on “{Thinking Out Loud} Life gone crazy

  1. Welcome back to the UK!!! I bet that almond butter went down a treat πŸ™‚
    So annoying you are coming to London when I leave for OZ! Let me know if you move before the 18th September and we can do Dinner!
    P.S. I hope all OK re family xx

    • Thank you lovely! Oh it sure did, so many favourite foods to rediscover all over again, it’s so exciting πŸ™‚
      I’m sure I’ll be coming at some point this summer, shall be sure to be in touch! And thanks, not ideal really but getting on with it. Hope you’re well! xxx

  2. Happy birthday! Those salt flats look amazing, what a special way to mark turning a year older!
    Welcome home too, how exciting that you’re able to stock up on almond butter again!

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