A run through the woods, a Québec fiesta and a speakeasy

This weekend was my last weekend in Buenos Aires solo, as my dad arrives this Friday. And it was pretty darn awesome! Friday was a feriado (national holiday) and a beautiful day so I took advantage of the weather and went on a beautiful 8km run through the woods and around the lake. The man in the lift seemed a bit alarmed that I was actually going to run “a whole 8km”, he thought I was just going for a walk haha!

Bosques del PalermoWe had my friend’s leaving do on Friday night. She’s from Québec so her (chef) boyfriend cooked up a storm, Québec style, in the kitchen. We started with pâté, had a whole range of things for the main and then a sweet spongey dessert to finish off – wow!! Three of us (me included) have birthdays in July so we were surprised with specially presented dessert each with a candle in, so thoughtful!

Québec fiestaAfter a killer Saturday CrossFit session (and a very sleepy rest of the day) a couple of the girls and I went to Frank’s – a “secret” speakeasy here in Buenos Aires. We had to give a password at the first door and then punch a code into a telephone box which then opened into a door to let us in… Where we then had some fabulous cocktails…

Frank'sAnd of course silly selfies ensued…

2014-06-22 00.19.02

After a failed lie-in attempt on Sunday morning (cannot wait to get a comfy bed again!) I met my friend at a Jewish restaurant for some brunch/lunch/food. We shared this plate of deliciousness…

Jewish restaurant

And then wandered around Palermo looking at the shops and the market. We had a quick stop to escape the rain for my first ever froyo, with crushed peanuts and oreos. YUM.


And saw this beautiful bookshop, with a reading area and huge shelves – so cute!

Bookshop Buenos Aires

Have you ever been to a speakeasy? How was your weekend?



4 thoughts on “A run through the woods, a Québec fiesta and a speakeasy

  1. A secret speakeasy!? That is AWESOME!! I’ve been to one before but it was certainly not a secret. That fro yo looks delicious! You have to be hooked on it now. Fro yo is my favorite. 🙂 Great pics and what a beautiful place for a run!

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