{Thinking Out Loud} Rooftop handstands and shipping cake tins

It seems somewhat inappropriate to write a proper intro for a post that is based on it’s randomness… So I won’t. What a rebel.

Thanks to Amanda for allowing my thoughts to roam free this Thursday!


1. One of the things that people always mention when discussing CrossFit is the community. Well that sure was evident yesterday morning when we found out it was one of the girl’s 23rd birthday – how to celebrate? She got to do her birthday ‘present’ of 23 birthday burpees with all of us standing in a circle singing Happy Birthday to her of course! After singing everyone jumped in to help her out with the burpees, birthday burpees sound horrible but it was actually super lovely!

2. On Tuesday I discovered some truly amazing coffee. It comes by the bowlful. Weirdly my coffee intake has been pretty low lately as the Brit in me has been on a massive tea grind. But when I found out the café was in had soya milk (I despise cows’ milk) I couldn’t resist. Just WOW.

Café con leche3. It seems right to follow on from talk of coffee to talk of cake. A few months ago I bought a rather nice loaf cake tin as we don’t really have any baking tins in our apartment. I am full on planning on bringing it home in my rucksack… Is that weird?

4. Lately I’ve realised how normal it now feels to be living my everyday life in two languages. I love how much more interesting it makes everything and the surprises you get when you realise you’re better than you thought. But I also love the ability that I can block everything out if I want to and turn it into white noise. Instantly understanding everything with zero effort is going to feel a little weird!

5. EXCITING NEWS. Iguazu Falls are open again! We’re meant to be going in a couple of weeks and I had a bit of a panic upon reading this article about how the Falls are closed due to crazy flooding. Watch the videos, it’s madness. Ironically when I was in Venezuela in 2010 we couldn’t go to Angel Falls as it’d pretty much dried up. I felt like somebody was playing a cruel joke on me.

6. On Tuesday evening I went up onto my rooftop to practice (read attempt continuously and fail) my handstands as the sunset… I still have a fear of letting go and allowing myself to fully get up there. It’s kind of like I really want to do it but I also really don’t? But I do!! The fact that I am posting a picture showing *gasp* part of my stomach completely terrifies me, even if the bit exposed is pretty much just where my ribs are. All part of the acceptance process…

Rooftop Handstands7. Yesterday I took the wrong bus and got lost. The last time I did that was when I arrived in January, you’d think I’d have the hang of it by now! Apparently not. Naturally I gave up and jumped in a taxi the rest of the way, which cost me less than £3 as things like that are a bargain here. (A bus journey is £0.17)

8. Look who arrives a week tomorrow!! Super excited. He’s also bringing me Green & Black’s chocolate… Not sure which is more exciting actually – dad or chocolate? Tricky one.

Christmas Day RunMatching fluorescent jackets on our Christmas Day run – that’s how we roll my family.

Can you do a handstand? Do you think lugging a cake tin across the Atlantic is acceptable? (I do)


6 thoughts on “{Thinking Out Loud} Rooftop handstands and shipping cake tins

  1. Hold the phone… coffee in a BOWL?!?! This is genius news, especially on a day like today where it’s rainy outside and I just can’t seem to wake up. I had to get an extra shot of espresso in my Americano today just to stop yawning. Is it the weekend yet? 😛

    • It’s already the weekend here – today’s a national holiday, yippeee!!
      But yes I’ve been dead this week too, feel your pain! Girl you need to get on the coffee in a bowl wagon, you need two hands just to pick it up – heaven.

  2. YAY!! I hope you have an AWESOME time with your dad – give him a hug from me!
    Burpees are the worst but handstands are ace; I’m impressed with your rooftop handstands (and very jealous). And VERY proud of your acceptance process (even though your tummy is washboard flat). You do you, little one (that’s been my favourite phrase ever since you first mentioned it!).

    • Aww thank you sweetie!! So excited to see you when I’m home 🙂 not long now!
      Ha yeah I just need to get onto a proper handstand next… At this rate I might be able to walk on my hands in…ooo the next 50 years?

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