{Reflections} Carve your own path

For my second post in my ‘reflections’ mini series I want to talk about the people I have met along my journey here in Buenos Aires. And, I’ve found, it really has been a journey but more on that in the coming weeks. You can catch up on my first reflections post here.

They say life is about the people you meet and that is a statement I strongly stand by. The range of people that I have met here has been truly incredible. Yes, most of them have been expats due to my continuing battle with the language barrier but that’s okay. Some I know will go onto be life-long friends. Some were perhaps more ‘short-term’ friends, for my time here. Some were conversations just for an evening. But nearly all have touched my life in some way and made me think differently.

Everyone is here for a reason. To simply travel and learn more about themselves. Perhaps to learn Spanish. They fell in love. A job led them here. Or they just needed to get away. Each person I have met has adapted their lives to suit them. They are living their lives in the manner that they choose. Want to travel? Work your arse off and save up to come away. Want to learn Spanish? Go abroad. Met someone you can’t be without? Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be with them. The same goes for having a job you love leading you across continents. Need to escape? Adapt your job so that you can work remotely.

Each person has a passion. Each is so full of experience, adventure, wisdom and a zest for life. Each is carving their own path. 

Carve your own path (1)

I’ve spoken before about my fear that what I’m doing with my life isn’t right. It’s not the norm. It’s irresponsible. It goes against the grain. Well now I know that that’s okay. That’s me. One of my favourite phrases that I’ve learn here, as I am sure I have mentioned before, is you do you. Well I am doing me. I am nobody else. And nobody else is me.

Calafate Trecking

Sometimes you’ve got to follow your heart. Make some sacrifices if you have to. Be free. Follow your passion. It may just take you on the greatest journey of your life.



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