{Reflections} My Ultimate Buenos Aires Cafés

Happy Friday!!

As my time in this crazy city is edging towards an end I am starting to reflect on my time here more and more. The places I’ve been, people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learn and the magical memories I’ve made… So each Friday between now and the time I go (I fly home on 8th July) I will be publishing a ‘reflections’ post looking back at my time here following a particular theme. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them and I’ll certainly enjoy writing them 🙂

Now, being a self-confessed café whore addict this series just had to include a round-up of my favourite ones here. Two days a week I work remotely, aka in a café, I blog from cafés, I brunch in cafés… I just kinda love cafés. So, in no particular order, here goes…

Malvón – okay so I lied, this one is definitely my number one – a block from my apartment; glorious food; lovely waitstaff; beautiful setting; breakfast, brunch, lunch, merienda, dinner, dessert, what more do you want?

Birkin – another one close to home. A new New York style coffee bar. Sip incredibly delicious and incredibly strong coffee to the soundtrack of some peaceful jazz. They also do a great menú del día at lunchtimes, published in advance on their Facebook page.

pear smoothieLa Panera Rosa – Buenos Aires Day 1

La Panera Rosa – the first place I visited on my very first day in Buenos Aires. A cutesy pink bakery serving up waffles, crêpes, cakes, sandwiches and fabulous licuados (smoothies). Big queues on weekends.

Le Pain Quotidien – stop judging. I can feel you judging. Your lucky Starbucks didn’t make the list. I KNOW it’s an international general chain and blah blah blah. But their soy cappuccino is the bomb. They do a great brunch, endless salads, SOUP (hard to come by here) and about a zillion cake. Oh and there’s hazelnut and chocolate bread if you feel so inclined.

Oui Oui

Oui Oui – a cute little French style café, two locations on the same block (can get confusing when meeting friends…). THE place to go for brunch on weekends. Although I never actually had a brunch brunch I can say they do a great omelette.

Nucha – used to love this place, then I think I OD’ed. Still highly recommend it though, they do a beautiful looking high tea and the salads are exceptional. Although beware, the menu varies by location.

Tiendas Naturales – contrary to Nucha, my love for Tiendas Naturales is growing and growing. They’ve just opened a new location super near my house. A bright and airy lunch/merienda spot serving fresh, tasty, natural (shocker) food. Get the vegan satay sandwich – holy yum.

1966789_10151950384251123_145798321_n (1) (1)b-Blue – Café solo

b-Blue – small in size but big in quality. A solid range of options from salads to woks to sandwiches to a multiple course menu del día. The licuados are excellent and there is always a giant tempting cake sitting on the counter. In fact, I think I’m going to have to test that before I leave…

Compañia del Chocolate – a chocolate shop come café where you can stock up on all your chocolate/cake/ice cream needs or dive straight into an epic three course brunch. I recommend a run through nearby Palermo Parks first, although it is available to share… They also serve a range of tasty sandwiches and salads for when you’re not feeling quite so indulgent.

Ninina Bakery – a light (in decor…), fresh style bakery where coffee is served by the bowlful, the tea comes in a fun little DIY style and the brownies are to die for.

raw chocolate tartBio – Raw chocolate tart

Bio – I admit I’ve only been here once as it’s a bit of a trek from where I live but it serves great and super health food. The raw chocolate tart was a particular highlight of mine.

Baking – although technically not a café per se (they only serve takeaway) my favourite office lunch break couldn’t be left off the list. It’s tagline ‘simple. natural. rico (delicious).’ pretty much sums it up. A huge range of coffees, wraps, salads, hot foods and baked goods all to go in seconds. Heaven.

Picnic – with two locations (that I know of), one in Microcentro and the other on Cerviño, this vegan ‘fast food’ joint is spreading its wings. Its aim is to show that food can be fast but still healthy and delicious. They also serve a great range of fresh juices and smoothies as well as a soft serve style ice cream that I’ve always wanted to try out.

Full City Coffee House – I hear this place is run by a Brit so I couldn’t leave it off the list. It definitely has more of an international vibe but the coffee is excellent and the staff are lovely – they went out to pick me up some soy milk when I was there. Heaven.

Full City Coffee House Soy Cappuccino

Aaaaand I think I better stop there or we’ll be here all day. Fourteen isn’t too excessive is it? Oh, if you want ice cream with your coffee go to Jauja – I can recommend the crema de maní, so so good.

Are you a café addict like me?


8 thoughts on “{Reflections} My Ultimate Buenos Aires Cafés

  1. i want to spend my entire life sitting a little cafes. is there anything better than the trifecta of a good cappuccino, good book and good atmosphere? jealous of all these great finds…

  2. just stumbled across your blog. i go to argentina for two weeks every year and just returned last week! i need to remember the soup place because i was craving it with the cold weather!

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