{Reflections} Cat-calling in Buenos Aires

This post is not meant to “generalise” all men here into one stereotype. It is purely a summary of my experiences. Luckily there are also some perfectly nice guys!

Every woman that has been to Buenos Aires (as well many other places across the globe where machismo is still strong) and walked down the street alone or without a man will have experienced cat-calling (piropos). They say it’s a compliment. “Oh how beautiful you are!”; “¡Que lindo!”; “¡Que hermosa; “¡Ey rubia!!” “Hello very nice how are you” to the more vulgar and explicit “I want to XXXX you” and various other things that I’m very glad I don’t understand.

One day last week I wasn’t feeling very well and as such I felt really hot all day (temperature wise!). So I wore a shortish white dress to work. Ironically this coincided with the coldest day of the year so far (the rest of me was well bundled up don’t worry). Just one block after leaving my apartment I was already considering going home to change as I felt so uncomfortable from the comments and stares I was getting. In just one block. But if I had done this I would’ve been late for work. Besides, I’m stubborn, I wanted to wear that dress, so why on earth shouldn’t I?

Now, let’s get something straight here. Cat-calling is not a compliment. It never will be a compliment. It is degrading and at times downright threatening.

In the world in which we live in today, victimisation of women is sadly commonplace. Everyday there are stories in the news of women being attacked and abused. And this is not something detached from our everyday lives, I believe it is now thought that 1 in 4 women will be victims of some sort of domestic abuse at some point in their lifetimes. Not only is that simply not acceptable but it highlights just how threatening cat-calling can be.

If I’m alone, on a run and some complete stranger makes some sort of perverse comment at me, of course I am going to feel uncomfortable. I have absolutely no idea who you are nor do I know anything of your motives. I’m already exhausted I can hardly run any faster if I need to get away!

Even the mayor of Buenos Aires has been quoted as saying that women “enjoy” getting these comments and if we don’t say so we are lying. I’m sorry, what?!

I wonder how these men would feel if they heard these comments being made to their wives/girlfriends/sisters/daughters? Furious, I’d imagine. So why is it acceptable for them to do it to a perfect stranger?

It isn’t.

I’m not a piece of meat so quit treating me like one.

What are you experiences of this?


A run through the woods, a Québec fiesta and a speakeasy

This weekend was my last weekend in Buenos Aires solo, as my dad arrives this Friday. And it was pretty darn awesome! Friday was a feriado (national holiday) and a beautiful day so I took advantage of the weather and went on a beautiful 8km run through the woods and around the lake. The man in the lift seemed a bit alarmed that I was actually going to run “a whole 8km”, he thought I was just going for a walk haha!

Bosques del PalermoWe had my friend’s leaving do on Friday night. She’s from Québec so her (chef) boyfriend cooked up a storm, Québec style, in the kitchen. We started with pâté, had a whole range of things for the main and then a sweet spongey dessert to finish off – wow!! Three of us (me included) have birthdays in July so we were surprised with specially presented dessert each with a candle in, so thoughtful!

Québec fiestaAfter a killer Saturday CrossFit session (and a very sleepy rest of the day) a couple of the girls and I went to Frank’s – a “secret” speakeasy here in Buenos Aires. We had to give a password at the first door and then punch a code into a telephone box which then opened into a door to let us in… Where we then had some fabulous cocktails…

Frank'sAnd of course silly selfies ensued…

2014-06-22 00.19.02

After a failed lie-in attempt on Sunday morning (cannot wait to get a comfy bed again!) I met my friend at a Jewish restaurant for some brunch/lunch/food. We shared this plate of deliciousness…

Jewish restaurant

And then wandered around Palermo looking at the shops and the market. We had a quick stop to escape the rain for my first ever froyo, with crushed peanuts and oreos. YUM.


And saw this beautiful bookshop, with a reading area and huge shelves – so cute!

Bookshop Buenos Aires

Have you ever been to a speakeasy? How was your weekend?


{Reflections} ‘Buenos Airesisms’

Is it really Friday again already? What happened? You get catch up with my previous reflections posts here and here.

Over my time living in this beautiful city I’ve found that Buenos Aires truly is a place to live. I don’t think you can see it all as a tourist, it’s not like there’s a list of specific sights to tick off as you travel round. To me at least, Buenos Aires is a feeling. A feeling full of quirks, weirdness, slightly crazy and oh so wonderful… So, some of my favourite (and perhaps not so) ‘Buenos Airesisms’, if you may.

– Firstly, food (obviously). I love that merienda (essentially afternoon tea) is a full on thing here. Every café will have a merienda menu – to me it just kind of ‘acknowledges’ the need to eat between meals sometimes!

– Unless you go to a super touristy place it is hard to find a bad steak. It’s a big country = big space. Enough said.

– Which brings me to the smell of asados wafting through my window every weekend night…

Wine. Cheap and bloody brilliant.

– Always awake and always alive. You can party till dawn any night of the week, yet when I leave my apartment early in the morning I’ll see people hard at work, washing down the streets ready for the day ahead. The energy here is infectious.

– You can get anything delivered. Remember my confusion over the trays of drinks being carried down the street way back in January? They were simply delivering coffee to offices, china and all. Any initiative to make money? It’s probably already been done here.

– Women get treated differently. Doors are often held open, women are always allowed on the bus first and will be offered a seat before anyone else. However, machismo is still super strong and cat calling is constant. This is something I will never fully get used to, to me this is never a compliment. Ever. It is degrading.

– People talk to one another. Sat on the tube in London? Avoid eye contact at all times. Sat on the bus in Buenos Aires? You might just make a new friend, or at least bitch about the traffic together.

– Less should, more want. Life isn’t rushed here. It is perfectly acceptable to sit with a coffee in a café for several hours. Although they work hard, porteños haven’t got caught up in the hectic lifestyle that so many of us have fallen into. Not yet anyway. Instead, they live for pleasure.

– Every day is new, one of the joys of being an expat.

– The passion of the people – fiestas, food, drink, fútbol, simply in life…

– At times the city can feel so huge and unknown…and then you go into a local café and they recognise you and bring you some water as soon as you sit down and you feel completely at home.

– Essentially, Buenos Aires is a city of contrasts. It can be so glamorous yet so run-down at the same time. A wealthy, designer-clad woman will walk past a homeless person sat on a street corner. A mad, backwards economy in a country that is so forward in so many ways. Modern skycrapers tower over beautiful colonial style buildings. A crazy football match will take place whilst just a few blocks away someone is tangoing the night away. It’s all so familiar yet completely different, completely magical.

– And my personal favourite… Sometimes you can just be wandering around, having a ‘normal’ day and then suddenly something will make you look up…and you’ll feel like the luckiest person alive.


It is so hard to put the feeling of this incredible city into words, but I feel so lucky to have been able to live here and to call it my home.

{Thinking Out Loud} Rooftop handstands and shipping cake tins

It seems somewhat inappropriate to write a proper intro for a post that is based on it’s randomness… So I won’t. What a rebel.

Thanks to Amanda for allowing my thoughts to roam free this Thursday!


1. One of the things that people always mention when discussing CrossFit is the community. Well that sure was evident yesterday morning when we found out it was one of the girl’s 23rd birthday – how to celebrate? She got to do her birthday ‘present’ of 23 birthday burpees with all of us standing in a circle singing Happy Birthday to her of course! After singing everyone jumped in to help her out with the burpees, birthday burpees sound horrible but it was actually super lovely!

2. On Tuesday I discovered some truly amazing coffee. It comes by the bowlful. Weirdly my coffee intake has been pretty low lately as the Brit in me has been on a massive tea grind. But when I found out the café was in had soya milk (I despise cows’ milk) I couldn’t resist. Just WOW.

Café con leche3. It seems right to follow on from talk of coffee to talk of cake. A few months ago I bought a rather nice loaf cake tin as we don’t really have any baking tins in our apartment. I am full on planning on bringing it home in my rucksack… Is that weird?

4. Lately I’ve realised how normal it now feels to be living my everyday life in two languages. I love how much more interesting it makes everything and the surprises you get when you realise you’re better than you thought. But I also love the ability that I can block everything out if I want to and turn it into white noise. Instantly understanding everything with zero effort is going to feel a little weird!

5. EXCITING NEWS. Iguazu Falls are open again! We’re meant to be going in a couple of weeks and I had a bit of a panic upon reading this article about how the Falls are closed due to crazy flooding. Watch the videos, it’s madness. Ironically when I was in Venezuela in 2010 we couldn’t go to Angel Falls as it’d pretty much dried up. I felt like somebody was playing a cruel joke on me.

6. On Tuesday evening I went up onto my rooftop to practice (read attempt continuously and fail) my handstands as the sunset… I still have a fear of letting go and allowing myself to fully get up there. It’s kind of like I really want to do it but I also really don’t? But I do!! The fact that I am posting a picture showing *gasp* part of my stomach completely terrifies me, even if the bit exposed is pretty much just where my ribs are. All part of the acceptance process…

Rooftop Handstands7. Yesterday I took the wrong bus and got lost. The last time I did that was when I arrived in January, you’d think I’d have the hang of it by now! Apparently not. Naturally I gave up and jumped in a taxi the rest of the way, which cost me less than £3 as things like that are a bargain here. (A bus journey is £0.17)

8. Look who arrives a week tomorrow!! Super excited. He’s also bringing me Green & Black’s chocolate… Not sure which is more exciting actually – dad or chocolate? Tricky one.

Christmas Day RunMatching fluorescent jackets on our Christmas Day run – that’s how we roll my family.

Can you do a handstand? Do you think lugging a cake tin across the Atlantic is acceptable? (I do)

A secret restaurant in Buenos Aires…

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog as late, recently it seems that forming words into some sort of coherent sentence has been a bit beyond me! But this post fits in nicely with What I Ate Wednesday, so here we are 🙂

WIAW button

On Saturday night the girls and I treated ourselves to a puerta cerrada, for those of you who don’t know there is a big trend in Buenos Aires for closed door restaurants. These are often based out of the chef or owner’s home, you book ahead and then are given the address once you have made your reservation. Typically it is a set menu – perhaps with a choice for the main course – and you sit round group tables, a great way to meet people! We went to Cocina Sunae which was slightly different as it was more in the style of a traditional restaurant with a separate table for each party.

We were greeted with a warm welcome by the doorman who called for a waiter to show us to the table and give us the (essential) extensive wine and drinks list. Being in Argentina we opted for a mid-range bottle of vino tino (plus a few more as the evening went on) to share between the five of us. Obviously, it was delicious.

The first course was a couple of heavenly shrimp spring rolls with a sweet chilli dip. We were instructed to wrap them in the lettuce and then dunk away. Now, when we get Chinese takeaway in the UK this is one of my favourite things. These spring rolls did not compare – they were unreal. Totally ruined spring rolls forever for me as nothing will be as good!

Cocina Sunae Spring Rolls

Apologies for the bad lighting in these pictures!

Next up was a chicken salad course…

Chicken salad cocina sunae

Followed by the main, for which we had a choice of three. I went for the shrimp again and it was incredible. It came with thin noodles, heaps of veggies and some sort of heavenly sauce. Super classy to eat but so worth the mess. Those did that didn’t have the same as me went for the pork which I was told was melt in the mouth good.

Chicken noodles cocina sunae

Finally, we had dessert. It’s a good job I was having a hungry day that’s for sure! This was a tropical fruit concoction with some sort of biscuit and a scoop of pistachio ice-cream. Just wow.

Dessert cocina sunae

One thing I particularly loved about the restaurant was that we could go as early as 8pm (most don’t start till 9pm in Buenos Aires) which was perfect for me as I’m a rubbish Argentine – I still like to eat at 7pm!!

Closed door restaurants are such a great concept as the chef really gets to show of their talents and the best of what they can do. (They also tend to be super accommodating for vegetarians and any other dietary requirements as you are booking in advance). To quote from the restaurant’s website: “Some call me Christina because it’s easier but I prefer Sunae, my name handed down to me from my grandmother. I’m simply an Asian-American woman who believes that the epitome of Asian culture is through its food. I bring you the flavors of my childhood memories of Pampanga, Filipinas and my New York restaurant experience in my very own home in Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

Afterwards we went to a millonga – basically where people meet to dance tango. This was my first time watching tango not in a touristy setting and it was great to see. Don’t think I’d be very good though…


Have you ever been to a closed door restaurant?

{Reflections} Carve your own path

For my second post in my ‘reflections’ mini series I want to talk about the people I have met along my journey here in Buenos Aires. And, I’ve found, it really has been a journey but more on that in the coming weeks. You can catch up on my first reflections post here.

They say life is about the people you meet and that is a statement I strongly stand by. The range of people that I have met here has been truly incredible. Yes, most of them have been expats due to my continuing battle with the language barrier but that’s okay. Some I know will go onto be life-long friends. Some were perhaps more ‘short-term’ friends, for my time here. Some were conversations just for an evening. But nearly all have touched my life in some way and made me think differently.

Everyone is here for a reason. To simply travel and learn more about themselves. Perhaps to learn Spanish. They fell in love. A job led them here. Or they just needed to get away. Each person I have met has adapted their lives to suit them. They are living their lives in the manner that they choose. Want to travel? Work your arse off and save up to come away. Want to learn Spanish? Go abroad. Met someone you can’t be without? Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be with them. The same goes for having a job you love leading you across continents. Need to escape? Adapt your job so that you can work remotely.

Each person has a passion. Each is so full of experience, adventure, wisdom and a zest for life. Each is carving their own path. 

Carve your own path (1)

I’ve spoken before about my fear that what I’m doing with my life isn’t right. It’s not the norm. It’s irresponsible. It goes against the grain. Well now I know that that’s okay. That’s me. One of my favourite phrases that I’ve learn here, as I am sure I have mentioned before, is you do you. Well I am doing me. I am nobody else. And nobody else is me.

Calafate Trecking

Sometimes you’ve got to follow your heart. Make some sacrifices if you have to. Be free. Follow your passion. It may just take you on the greatest journey of your life.


{MIMM} An Argentine fútbol match

I don’t know what it is about Buenos Aires/Argentina but I seem to be ill a lot more here… And it’s really annoying me! A late night on Wednesday (more on that shortly) meant that I chose to lie in on Thursday and then planned to go to CrossFit after work, instead of my normal 8.30am session. Well, Thursday morning I got out of bed and almost fell over. I felt super weak and totally out of it. Then I spent the rest of the day feeling either freezing cold and shaky or boiling hot. Come the end of the day I was feeling a bit more human but – following an argument with myself – decided my body probably wanted a rest so I should listen and this does NOT count as me being lazy! I’m starting to think the issue is my bed. It is…rubbish. It is a single – which I am used to from my first two years of Univeristy – but feels extra small… And the mattress is so soft that I just sit on it and there is a bum dent for days! (I’m not that heavy!) So, basically, I realised I haven’t had a good nights sleep for coming up to 6 months now… Hence, the penny dropped.

Anyhow, enough of my whinging. Today is a marvellous day after all.


Last Wednesday I went to the football! Argentina were playing Trinidad & Tobago in a pre World Cup warm up match.

Now, I had heard about the Argentine’s passion for football, and seen it everywhere, everyday in their culture. But this was just so much better than expected.

From the moment that we got onto the Subté (subway/metro), Argentine Messi shirts were everywhere. As we left Congresso station, we didn’t need to look where to go as everyone was walking the same direction. Vuvuzelas were everywhere. The noise, atmosphere and pure excitement just washed over me. Now, I’m not exactly a football fan but last Wednesday, that changed. (Well, for Argentina only… Let’s be honest here).

We turned a corner and were greeted by the imposing sight of River Plate stadium. It. Is. Huge. To give you a rough idea, it seats 67,644 and I believe is the largest stadium in the country.

On our way to the entrance for the section there was a big group of people, crowded around signing something. Turns out it was a huge Argentine flag that was going to be taken to Brazil! Of course we added our names (my football slogan knowledge sadly failed me…) – pretty cool huh!

Argentina world cup flag

After getting lost several times we found our seats and stared around in awe of this impressive place. It was then that we realised that we were in the caged in, barbed wire section. This was because we were almost directly behind what was the Argentine goal for the first half. The most ‘passionate’ fans are always seated in this section – and passionate they were 😉

Argentina Trinidad Tobago

Behind us, surrounded by armed guards, was the small group of Trinidad & Tobago supporters. They may have been small in size but, wow, were they loud! Throughout the whole match we were treated to a variety of singing and some insane drumming beats that had us all dancing.

I wish I could describe the atmosphere better as it was just mesmerising. There were little kids in Messi shirts clinging onto the net fence shouting at the players (some rather rude…). Singing, dancing, whistling (aka booing), roars of excitement and groans of disappointment.

Argentina Trinidad Tobago 2

The first half was tense. Argentine didn’t score until the very last 30 seconds. Trinidad & Tobago certainly seemed to be playing well (to me). It was…stressful, to say the least. I even found myself shouting at the players with excitement. Dale dale dale!!

In half time they bought out the flag we signed earlier – it sure was huge…

Argentina world cup flag 2

The second half was far more successful for Argentina, with two goals scored. Olé olé olé olé Messi Messi! Although this meant that play was mostly at the other end of pitch so I didn’t really see much, to be honest.

(Not from our match but the best I could find to show you!)

The final score was 3-0 and both teams’ captains swapped shirts. Shortly after, we saw a little figure running across the field, followed by a rather larger figure. And then another large figure. A little kid had – somehow – made it onto the pitch and was having an epic time posing in the goals and sprinting around all over the place! He seemed to be being followed by his dad and then a member of the riot police!! It was hilarious and he had the whole stadium cheering for him!

We followed up the match by a trip to Las Cabras (a parilla). A rather Argentine evening! I was exhausted but, just wow. Hate to say it, but you had to be there.

Have you ever been to a sports game like this?

{Reflections} My Ultimate Buenos Aires Cafés

Happy Friday!!

As my time in this crazy city is edging towards an end I am starting to reflect on my time here more and more. The places I’ve been, people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learn and the magical memories I’ve made… So each Friday between now and the time I go (I fly home on 8th July) I will be publishing a ‘reflections’ post looking back at my time here following a particular theme. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them and I’ll certainly enjoy writing them 🙂

Now, being a self-confessed café whore addict this series just had to include a round-up of my favourite ones here. Two days a week I work remotely, aka in a café, I blog from cafés, I brunch in cafés… I just kinda love cafés. So, in no particular order, here goes…

Malvón – okay so I lied, this one is definitely my number one – a block from my apartment; glorious food; lovely waitstaff; beautiful setting; breakfast, brunch, lunch, merienda, dinner, dessert, what more do you want?

Birkin – another one close to home. A new New York style coffee bar. Sip incredibly delicious and incredibly strong coffee to the soundtrack of some peaceful jazz. They also do a great menú del día at lunchtimes, published in advance on their Facebook page.

pear smoothieLa Panera Rosa – Buenos Aires Day 1

La Panera Rosa – the first place I visited on my very first day in Buenos Aires. A cutesy pink bakery serving up waffles, crêpes, cakes, sandwiches and fabulous licuados (smoothies). Big queues on weekends.

Le Pain Quotidien – stop judging. I can feel you judging. Your lucky Starbucks didn’t make the list. I KNOW it’s an international general chain and blah blah blah. But their soy cappuccino is the bomb. They do a great brunch, endless salads, SOUP (hard to come by here) and about a zillion cake. Oh and there’s hazelnut and chocolate bread if you feel so inclined.

Oui Oui

Oui Oui – a cute little French style café, two locations on the same block (can get confusing when meeting friends…). THE place to go for brunch on weekends. Although I never actually had a brunch brunch I can say they do a great omelette.

Nucha – used to love this place, then I think I OD’ed. Still highly recommend it though, they do a beautiful looking high tea and the salads are exceptional. Although beware, the menu varies by location.

Tiendas Naturales – contrary to Nucha, my love for Tiendas Naturales is growing and growing. They’ve just opened a new location super near my house. A bright and airy lunch/merienda spot serving fresh, tasty, natural (shocker) food. Get the vegan satay sandwich – holy yum.

1966789_10151950384251123_145798321_n (1) (1)b-Blue – Café solo

b-Blue – small in size but big in quality. A solid range of options from salads to woks to sandwiches to a multiple course menu del día. The licuados are excellent and there is always a giant tempting cake sitting on the counter. In fact, I think I’m going to have to test that before I leave…

Compañia del Chocolate – a chocolate shop come café where you can stock up on all your chocolate/cake/ice cream needs or dive straight into an epic three course brunch. I recommend a run through nearby Palermo Parks first, although it is available to share… They also serve a range of tasty sandwiches and salads for when you’re not feeling quite so indulgent.

Ninina Bakery – a light (in decor…), fresh style bakery where coffee is served by the bowlful, the tea comes in a fun little DIY style and the brownies are to die for.

raw chocolate tartBio – Raw chocolate tart

Bio – I admit I’ve only been here once as it’s a bit of a trek from where I live but it serves great and super health food. The raw chocolate tart was a particular highlight of mine.

Baking – although technically not a café per se (they only serve takeaway) my favourite office lunch break couldn’t be left off the list. It’s tagline ‘simple. natural. rico (delicious).’ pretty much sums it up. A huge range of coffees, wraps, salads, hot foods and baked goods all to go in seconds. Heaven.

Picnic – with two locations (that I know of), one in Microcentro and the other on Cerviño, this vegan ‘fast food’ joint is spreading its wings. Its aim is to show that food can be fast but still healthy and delicious. They also serve a great range of fresh juices and smoothies as well as a soft serve style ice cream that I’ve always wanted to try out.

Full City Coffee House – I hear this place is run by a Brit so I couldn’t leave it off the list. It definitely has more of an international vibe but the coffee is excellent and the staff are lovely – they went out to pick me up some soy milk when I was there. Heaven.

Full City Coffee House Soy Cappuccino

Aaaaand I think I better stop there or we’ll be here all day. Fourteen isn’t too excessive is it? Oh, if you want ice cream with your coffee go to Jauja – I can recommend the crema de maní, so so good.

Are you a café addict like me?

A day in the life of a Buenos Aires intern

Since I seemed to have stopped doing What I Ate Wednesday posts – partly due to forgetting to photograph my food and partly due to the fact that sharing my eats for a day stresses me out – I thought it might be interesting (or not) to share a day in the life of me! Unfortunately the only day I’ve managed to remember to log was Monday which wasn’t very sociable but hey ho, life happens.

WIAW button

Monday started around 7.30am, please note this is very early in Buenos Aires where people eat dinner after 9pm and party till dawn. So yes, strong start to the week. Well done me. Although I admit it take me a while to actually leave bed due to checking my phone, looking at the weather, the usual…

Monday morningBut when I did finally get out of bed I had an awesome surprise… I went into the living room to get my laundry and saw this beautiful red glow – check out that sunrise!!

Buenos Aires Sunrise

I had then a snack of what I would like to call The Little Honey Bee’s PB & J oatmeal cups… But I varied the recipe (lack of ingredients) and burnt them. So I won’t.

Oatmeal thingA burnt ‘thing’ with some honey on top to disguise the burn… Yum yum.

Then it was off to 8.30am CrossFit where we did the workout below and I took some sneaky (aka creepy looking) photos of the empty gym before we started. One of the coaches, after our session, described it perfectly. “It’s not fun. It’s not even easy. It’s just FEO (ugly/horrible)! But at least Monday can only get better!”. True words! And I still have bruises from getting more vigorous than I should’ve done with a Kettelbell. Well it wasn’t all that bad, I shall be more positive! It was good to do back squats again for the first time in a while. We were doing them in groups and I think I could’ve lifted more but I felt a bit unsure adding more weight. Next time. Still, it woke me up!

CrossFit WOD Lunes

Bigg CrossFIt

After this and a shower I was more than ready for breakfast. My current favourite of eggy cocoa porridge with an apple cooked up in a pan with a little water. So good. I enjoyed this whilst catching up on my blog reading 🙂

Cocoa apple porridgeEaten with a teaspoon, as always

Then it was off to work on a fabulously quiet bus where I could sit in the sunshine and watch BA go by, happy days. But first, a quick selfie. Those who know me well, please appreciate the fact that I am wearing jeans, this never happens! Well technically they’re jeggings but close enough.

Bus & Selfie

And here is my little spot in the office where I was working on a translation project that day. It’s actually the smaller meeting room so on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I work remotely (aka in a café) as there are loads of meetings so not much space! Two days a week I am also joined by the two other interns – you can see their laptops in this picture (our little collection of Macs!) – love working in the company of these girls 🙂

Intern office

Hunger soon struck and I popped out to, my new favourite, Baking to pick up a glorious cobb salad and some yoghurt and granola for later. Did I mention I never remember to take photos? Let’s just imagine what the salad looked like shall we? Good.

Yoghurt and granola

I finished work a little early so popped to Starbucks for a soy americano and to do a little blogging before my Spanish class. Once again, I was early (must be ill or something) so read my Argentine corporate social responsibility magazine and had a biscuit with my tea whilst waiting – I know how to have a good time. By the way, if you ever need a Spanish teacher in BA let me know as mine is great!

Tea and magazine

I was pretty tired after Spanish and started the long journey home – a squished bus ride (got to love rush hour), trip to the fishmongers, trip to the health food shop, trip to the pharmacy for toiletries, trip to the fruit and veg man and then HOME. I was pretty chuffed with dinner, even if it doesn’t look very pretty it sure tasted nice. Some sort of white fish whose name I don’t understand in Spanish (story of my life), broccoli, red onion, green beans and cashew with lemon juice and a tiny bit of honey.

White fish & veg

I then enjoyed a square of this amazing Lindt – as recommended to me by this guy – whilst watching The Caveman (trashy, probably pretty sexist, but perfect for my Monday night). Then I fell asleep.

Lindt 85%

Any great eats or cooking mishaps from your week?

{MIMM} Steering clear of the comparison trap

It is part of human nature to compare ourselves to others. Sometimes this can be a good thing, we learn how to improve, to adapt ourselves and to become the best version we can be. But, occasionally, it can go the other way and we fall into the comparison trap. When you start to constantly criticise yourself, belittle yourself that your not, nor will you ever be, as good as x, y and z. When you nitpick, fail to notice your achievement as you’re too focused on your shortcomings. This is when it goes too far.

The comparison trap is something that we can fall into in all aspects of our lives. The blogging world can be a typical example. Far too often I find myself reading someone’s What I Ate Wednesday or workout recap and contrasting it with my own – did I eat too much? Not work out enough?

Or perhaps it’s to the people in your life, your friends. Maybe they’re body bashing (pet peeve) and you feel you should too. Or everyone else is going out tonight – it is Friday after you – yet you want to stay in, does this make you boring? Have you started a new relationship and are comparing yourself to their exes? Are you a new mum and are worried about what kind of parent you’re gonna be?

Even to yourself. I was thinner x years ago. My job’s not what I expected. I’m not working out as much as I used to. I’m not skinny so why do I talk about my ‘issues’ with food? I’m not where I thought I’d be at this point in my life.

Stop. Just stop. Look at how exhausting this is, just writing it out is draining enough.


You’re never going to be like that perfect blogger you idolise (and they probably aren’t actually like that either!). You’re not going to be like their ex or the as good a parent as your best friend. You’re going to be so much better than that because you’re going to be you.

And you’re not going to be like you were 5/10/20 years ago either. Nor will your life be as you expected (that’d be pretty boring anyways). You’re going to be you, as you are now, in this present moment. So live in the present, be how you are now and quit wasting time comparing yourself to somebody else.

Yes, it’s not all that easy. Yes, it’s going to take time. Yes, you’re going to have to tell that little voice in your head to pipe down more often than you want to. And yes, when you get there, it’s going to feel pretty damn marvelous.


No questions, just your thoughts…