{Thinking Out Loud} Drumming, winter & learning to listen

It feels like recently all I’ve done on here is join in on link-up posts! I do have a lot of other things I want to say and posts planned out in my head I just don’t have time to write them in a coherent fashion at the moment – sneaky little bugger is time, it runs away far too often! Happily for me, I don’t have to be coherent today and can just Think Out Loud instead 🙂


1. On Monday I was in the city centre and there was a guy having a proper drumming session on what was essentially a collection of rubbish – paint cans and the like. And it was AWESOME. I wish I hadn’t been rushing as it was incredible to hear. Isn’t it crazy how we are always rushing to the next big thing when actually it’s all the little things – the ones that we’re missing out on – that make everything so worth it?

2. I always have one of my Spanish lessons in this traditional style café/bar in the city centre. During lunchtime it is crammed full of office workers on their breaks but in the late afternoon it is blissfully quiet. The waiters there are the kind of waiters that are doing it as their career (as is commonplace here) and, unlike many Argentine wait staff, are so attentive and polite – it’s so touching. I’m on a massive tea grind at the moment and, my, do they do tea well. Teapot, teabag separate (meh, who wants loose leaves anyways), slice of lemon, glass of water (which gets topped up for me) and a mini plate of biscuits things incase you’re feeling a bit peckish… Can a girl complain? I think not.

2014-05-26 16.29.13

3. It. is. winter. I’ve decided. Or proper autumn at least. Check out this crazy fog we had on Tuesday morning! I couldn’t see a sausage (let alone a building) from the roof of my building! Madness.

Buenos Aires Fog

4. The avocado and toast love has started up again. With a little salt and honey. SO GOOD.

2014-05-26 21.26.10

5. I’ve been trying to listen to my body recently rather than arguing with it/hating on it. Still working on that one. It’s been super hungry a couple of days this week. So I fed it. Felt ridiculously proud of myself. And then pathetic as I thought “you ate when hungry? big hooray Pip…”. I read the other day to treat your body/yourself as though it were a child – to care for it – and this is something I’m trying to do… More on that in another post I think…

6. Did you know that it is law in Argentina (or at least Buenos Aires) that every restaurant has to serve at least one gluten free dish? Learnt that the other day, pretty impressive I think!

7. The other day I saw this video posted on Facebook by my old Spanish teacher from Venezuela. I went to Venezuela for 3 months in 2010 and did the same expedition that was filmed whilst I was there. Granted, now it is a very different country than it was then. But the beauty still remains. All we see in the news at the moment is negative things about the economy, the politics, the violence… Yet we forget that not all the country is like this, the natural wonders are incredible and this video is a beautiful reminder of that…

8. I’ve still been sleeping badly and now I feel run down and rubbish and like I’m getting ill. Humph. Yesterday I just wanted my (British) big bed, home foods and a stack of films. General ‘homeness’. Grump grump. I don’t mean to sound like I am whinging on here but I try to be honest and, hey, this is me! I guess it is good as I am kind of starting to mentally prepare to go home in not so long!

9. To finish on a more cheerful note… Yesterday I had a waffle. It was a bit burnt but still awesome so totally warrants its own little picture. If you’re ever passing through Buenos Aires (as one does) be sure to go to Ninina Bakery.

Ninina Bakery Waffle Tea

Any randomness from your week?


10 thoughts on “{Thinking Out Loud} Drumming, winter & learning to listen

  1. I love walking past those kinds of things – simple things are definitely the best 🙂
    That tea shop looks adorable the the little pastries delicious! I have never had honey on avocado – need to try?
    I totally think you should be proud of yourself for listening to your body it is a big barrier to overcome girl 🙂 I also tell my friends this now… Would you speak to a child, friend like that? Well don’t speak to yourself like that! Easier said then done, but such a great reminder 🙂

    • Woah you need to get on the avocado/honey/salt – it’s amazing!!

      Thank you lovely 🙂 yes it’s definitely something you need to tell yourself over and over, but like telling a child, it goes in eventually!!

  2. I can totally dealt to congratulating myself for something that feels completely ridiculous. But you know what? You did a freaking awesome thing, especially with how many people struggle to eat when hungry these days. It seems to basic, but it’s crazy how much we’ve complicated eating. So keep rocking socks off 😀 Oh, and avocado on toast is probably one of the best things ever. Even better when honey and salt are involved ❤

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  4. I found your blog like 2 hours ago! I’ve only read of few of your post so far and I love them, I like your honesty and some of the post are inspiring. I don’t have a blog of my own, and I only follow one blog and was looking for new ones to follow. I get a feeling that I’ll enjoy reading your future post, so please keeping them coming! =)

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